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We are looking to recruit a successful Learning Support teacher for Secondary School.
-full time position
-initial 3 year contract
Our ideal candidate profile:
Desired Qualification:M.A. in Special Education/SEN
Required Expertise:
- reading and writing strategy instruction
- working with students of all abilities including those on a modified curriculum (in or out of the mainstream class), as well as the gifted and talented

Desired Experience:
- Experience collaborating with English departments, and designing and delivering reading and writing strategy instruction within a continuum of learning support services (less restrictive to more restrictive environments)
- Hands on experience with assistive technology such as Kurzweil, Apple Accessibility and other speech to text/ text to speech options, and reading pens.
- Experience with any of the following evidence-based interventions:
• Just Words reading program or other program designed for students with dyslexia
• Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) resources such as the Learning Strategies Curriculum produced by the Center for Research on Learning out of the University of Kansas
• Self-Regulated Strategies Development (SRSD)
• Other evidence-based curriculum that addresses learning strategies for student with learning differences
- Experience with preparing students for DP exams in terms of efficiently using accommodations such as extra time/reader/scribe


1 Aug 2019

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27 Jan 2019

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Minimum Experience

3 years

Job Structure

Middle School
Learning Support/Enrichment
Learning Support/Enrichment
High/Secondary School
Learning Support/Enrichment
Learning Support/Enrichment