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Utahloy International School Zengcheng

Mar 2021
iFair® March 2021
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PYP Homeroom Teacher

Commitment to pupils and their learning, ability to create a successful learning environment.
o A positive discipline approach is used at all times, mutual respect is continually fostered.
o Planning is completed punctually according to school guidelines
o Teaching shows good understanding and use of the school’s written curriculum and policies
o There is appropriate preparation and use of resources
o Lessons are suitably differentiated for levels of English, ability and learning styles
o Pupils are made aware of lesson objectives and have opportunity to reflect on and evaluate their learning
o Opportunities are made for pupils to develop skills in teamwork and collaborative learning.
o ICT is an integral part of learning activities
o Effort is made to make lessons enjoyable and relevant to the pupils
o Opportunities are made to promote intercultural understanding
o Classroom is organised, stimulating and attractive
o Students’ work is well displayed and changed regularly
o Students are encouraged to continue their learning independently
o Additional staff are included within planning and utilized efficiently

Accountability for each pupils progress and well-being o Students’ progress is continuously assessed using a variety of methods
o Records of progress are maintained which can communicate success and development to students, parents and colleagues.
o School requirements for record keeping and assessment are completed punctually.
o Students’ success and next steps are communicated to them and their parents effectively.
o Monitoring the well-being of each child and recording any significant information
o Providing opportunities for pupils to discuss personal and social issues e.g. organisation of class meetings / circle time.

Commitment to reflection and improvement of personal practice

• Participation in the school’s Professional Development programme
• Participation in the school’s peer observation programme
• Seeking opportunities to extend expertise and keep abreast of current ideas
• Participation in in-service activities, external courses and conferences

Active involvement in the school as a whole and in its ongoing improvement
o Support and promote the school and the IB mission statements
o Actively model the attributes of the IB learner profile
o Maintain co-operative, supportive professional relationships with the entire school community
o Help select resources and manage them efficiently within the classroom
o Take an active role in school improvement initiatives
o Share expertise with colleagues
o Attend and contribute to all required meetings
o Perform break-time supervision as directed
o Contribute to the school’s co-curricular programme
o Encourage parental interest and involvement in the school and support PTA events.
o To contribute to the development of a positive attitude between the Primary School and the wider community through cooperative relations, publications, competitions etc.
o Know school policies and be able to answer everyday queries of parents
o Assist in supervision of Boarding Students as required by Senior management


1 Aug 2021

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1 Jul 2021

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2 years
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Elementary/Primary School

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