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Springboard International Bilingual School

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General Music/Band

Job Summary:
An Elementary School music teacher at SIBS is responsible for supporting the school’s development toward a comprehensive fine and performing arts program. There will be a shift from band only offered in Middle School and High School to offering Grade 5 Concert Band, in addition to General Music, with a view to building capacity in students for success in secondary band programs.

1. Desired qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in music Education or Bachelor’s Degree with Teaching Certificate in subject area preferred, evidence of enrollment in an accredited college/university in completing a state approved teacher preparation program within 3 years of date of hire or in the field experience.
2. Evidence of knowledge of NAFME Music Standards and the ability to implement it.
3. Evidence of ability to interact collaboratively with faculty, students, parents, and administration.
4. Evidence of excellent oral and written skills in English.

Roles and Responsibilities:
- Teach music courses to students including voice, tone, tempo and rhythm skills.
- Teach beginner instruments including trumpet, baritone horn, clarinet, and flute.
- Train, rehearse and lead students in school and community musical programs.
- Conduct music classes according to rules and regulations established by administration.
- Develop and maintain an effective music educational program for students.
- Schedule daily classes to instruct and rehearse within the assigned time.
- Understand potentials and skills of each student and guide individual student according to their skills.
- Evaluate student performance and provide feedback and assistance to improve their musical skills.
- Maintain lesson plans and instructional materials for students.
- Recommend maintenance and repairs for musical instruments when necessary.
- Maintain student behavioral standards to ensure productive and disciplined environment during group
rehearsals, practices, and performances.
- Collaborate with school administration to organize musical programs for civic functions and school
- Monitor students in and out of the classrooms.
- Maintain safe and positive learning environment for students.
- Participate in curriculum development programs, student activities and faculty committees.
- Attend educational workshops, training and professional improvement programs to maintain
professional competence.
- Maintain student grading and attendance records.
- Evaluate student progress and ensure that students complete daily assignments.


1 Aug 2021

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1 Jun 2021

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2 years
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Common Core
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Band Music

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