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Primary EAL Teacher

Position: English as an Additional Language (EAL) Teacher
Reporting to: Primary School Principal and Vice Principal (Year2-6)
Department: Academic

1. Job Summary
The role of the EAL Teacher is essentially to collaborate with other EAL teachers and the EAL coordinator to build and maintain a successful EAL Program which includes working with homeroom teachers and specialist teachers to provide support for students with English language needs in a co-teaching model where he also supports the learning of all ELLs (English Language Learners). The EAL specialist is primarily responsible for EAL students’ program of study and works to ensure their success in all academic subjects.

2. Duties and Responsibilities (Specify main duties and responsibilities required for this position including work planning and job assignment)
- Develop, plan, lead and monitor the EAL lesson plans
- Work with homeroom teachers to ensure that EAL learners are appropriately supported in their academic English language development
- Teach EAL learners and co-teach with classroom/subject teachers
- Develop and maintain links with parents through conferences and parent learning sessions

Duties and Responsibilities
- Plan and teaching language lessons to EAL students based on their current language needs and, where possible, the language objectives studied by the native speakers
- In collaboration with homeroom teachers, adapting, modifying and scaffolding lesson plans and activities to make them accessible to EAL students
- Assess EAL students’ language proficiency levels and build student profiles
- Share EAL students’ information with teachers and parents at the appropriate times
- Adapt Work alongside homeroom teachers and
- Identify EAL levels of service for students
- Identify language standards for EAL students
- Write EAL language targets based on the content targets
- Make language targets visible for all students
- Identify co-teaching opportunities
- Create language anchor charts
- Create academic language scaffolds
- Take an active role in monitoring and assessing the language development of all students
- Take responsibility for overall assessment and reporting for EAL students in English
- Contribute to subject reports and portfolios
- Contribute to giving feedback on language development for all students
- Is responsible for the report card, progress report and portfolio of all EAL learners for the language acquisition subject
- Support the homeroom and specialist teachers with the report card, progress report and portfolio of all EAL learners for all subjects other than the language acquisition subject

3. Resources
- Maintain existing EAL resources
- Suggest new EAL resources
- Liaise with the school librarian regarding resources for ELLs

4 . Responsibility for reports/ Document/ Confidentiality (Describe types of reports and documents required from job and confidentiality involved)
- EAL teachers are responsible for preparing and sharing a broad variety of instructional material including but not limited to lesson plans, portfolios, Units of Learning progress reports, end of term/year student reports, etc.
- All information pertaining to Panyaden students and colleagues is considered confidential and must only be discussed or shared on a need to know basis, as instructed by the school director.

5. Responsibility for regular record
- EAL teachers are responsible for keeping a timely and accurate record of a variety of items, including but not limited to: student work and progress evidence, behaviour reports, sickness and accident reports, learning support records, etc.

6. Decision Making & Authority (Describe decisions the job holder is authorized to make, areas where recommendations are made and limitations either procedural organizational or legal, Decision-making power and email sending)
- Collaborate with co-homeroom teacher to discuss students, speak with parents, and write student reports
- Collaborate with the other Thai homeroom in the age-band to plan
- Sending emails to parent
- Complies with the ‘Teaching in the Primary at Panyaden’ policy

7. Personal Development
- Continual development through the identification and implementation of your own Personal Development Plan
- Improved performance
- Performance appraisal
- Personal Development Plan

8. Other
- Each individual must ensure that they respect, support and teach the Buddhist Principles of the school
- Each individual must participate in the five-day meditation retreat organised by the school for the staff member’s personal growth.
- Any other appropriate duties as allocated by the supervisor
- Valued member of the team and organisation

9. Safeguarding
The job holder’s responsibility for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young persons for whom s/he is responsible, or with whom s/he comes into contact will be to adhere to and ensure compliance with the relevant Panyaden International School Safeguarding Policy, Child Protection Policy and Procedures at all times. If in the course of carrying out the duties of the role, the job holder identifies any instance that a child is suffering or likely to suffer significant harm either at school or at home, s/he must report any concern to the Head Teacher or indeed to the Head of School so that a referral can be made accordingly to the relevant third party services.

10. Qualifications and Training
- A degree plus teaching qualification (or equivalent)
- Knowledge of the CLIL approach
- Master’s degree (Desirable)
- Higher degree or recognised professional qualification (preferred)
- Evidence of continued relevant professional development
- Desirable Experience
- Previous EAL teaching
- Supporting learners beyond the classroom
- Teaching learners with diverse language and learning needs
- Experience in a range of settings including, ideally, in an international school environment
- Ability in using technology in learning
- CLIL training, TESOL, CELTA, TESMC or any other English Language teaching certification


1 Aug 2021

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28 Feb 2021

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Minimum Experience

3 years
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Elementary/Primary School
English and Literature

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