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The Deputy Head of Middle School will be a leader of learning and an exemplary educator with excellent interpersonal and organisational skills. The role has responsibility for the development and implementation of sound curriculum practices and the organisational aspects of the day to day running of the School. The Deputy Head of Middle School will work collaboratively with the teaching staff to enable the delivery of innovative learning programs that inspire our students to love learning and attain their personal best.
Strong academic leadership will be matched by sensitive pastoral care of students and colleagues. The Deputy Head of Middle School is a member of the School’s Senior Leadership Team (PAB) and is expected to support and participate in the co-curricular life of the school.



• Leads to teaching and learning through strategic and collaborative engagement with the teaching staff to enable students to thrive.
• Uses interpersonal skills to:
o Lead curriculum delivery and student learning
o Provide pastoral care to students to support wellbeing and in managing behaviour and resolving conflict
o Work collaboratively to nurture, grow and support staff
o Proactively support parents
o Build trust through diplomatic and confidential interactions

• Proactively model exemplary and inspired teaching practice where a love of learning and inquiry are visible
• Collaborate with the Head of School to set the strategic vision and to determine implementation
• Assist in staff recruitment, appointment, orientation, and ongoing professional growth Curriculum
• Plan, develop, coordinate, implement, and evaluate curriculum in collaboration with the 1–12 Observation Policy.

Important elements to this role will be the implementation of the curriculum, accreditation process, and pastoral side to education.
• Develop, refine, and review school-based curriculum documents that support the TDS academic purpose.
• Support the accreditation process from an Elementary or Secondary perspective for each visitation every 3-5 years
• Coordinate and support staff to grow professionally through goal setting and teacher-led inquiry
• Develop and monitor school-based curriculum, programming, and assessment documents to ensure practices are aligned with 21st Century learning capabilities
• Lead the collection of student data and analysis with teachers
• Take a mentoring role with teachers, overseeing the writing of teaching programs, paying attention to:
o Alignment with TDS requirements
o Scope and sequence
o Pedagogy
o Differentiated curriculum outcomes, indicators, and content to cater to student needs with special focus on high potential learners
o Integration of curriculum to embed STEAM, service-learning outcomes, international curriculum
o Evaluation of program and students’ performance Organisation
• Devise and maintain academic timetables and duty rosters to support student learning and wellbeing
• Recruit, roster, and allocate relief staff on a day to day basis
• Manage weekly timetable changes and general day to day running of the school
• Lead assemblies and meetings when required
• Coordinate events (eg: photo days, whole school functions)
• Supervise organisation and approval of excursions, including risk assessment and parent communication
• Organise and facilitate standardised and external testing across the school, including MAP and WiDA testing
• Organise and supervise the report writing process
• Update the relevant section of the Staff Handbook each year
• Liaise with universities to ensure the suitable appointment and allocation of practicum students
• Other duties as they might arise

Teaching Duties

The role includes a teaching load of up to 50% with particular responsibility for modeling exemplary and innovative teaching practice to students and teachers from Grade 6 onwards. Typically, these programs will be developed and taught in collaboration with classroom teachers.

General Duties

• Attend and act on weekly Elementary or Secondary School Meetings
• Attend and act on weekly Leadership Meetings
• Raise curriculum and organisational issues at meetings
• Attend organizational meetings and other professional groups as appropriate
• Attend Senior Leadership Team meetings


• Participate fully in the co-curricular program as negotiated with the Head of School
• Be fully involved in the life of the school eg including attending parent functions, concerts, sporting events, camps and other activities as required Support for Head of School
• Be a positive line of communication for all staff members
• Provide loyal, confidential, and honest advice to the Head of School

Support for the School

• Be completely supportive of the whole School and the Executive Director
• Support the mission and foundation of the School and the organization

Additional Duties

• Based on areas of expertise, assume additional responsibilities to support the success of students, the school, and the organization.

• One-way flight ticket to Vietnam
• Visa/work permit sponsor, including spouse and up to 2 dependents
• Paid personal leave days and public holidays
• Professional development opportunities
• Ongoing support for new teachers, such as airport pickup, bank assistance, phone set-up, etc.
• Tuition discount for up to 2 children


2 Aug 2021

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31 Jul 2021

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5 years
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Deputy Head of School
Common Core
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