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International School Bangkok

Oct 2020
iFair® October 2020
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Long Term Sub--Speech Language Pathologist (to start January 11)


Provide screenings and employ standardized assessment procedures and informal techniques to help prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat communication disorders in the areas of: language, speech sounds, fluency, voice, cognitive-communication, and social communication skills.
Administer, score, and interpret speech and language assessments, and write reports for parents and other service providers.
Develop and maintain treatment plans and IEPs based on students’ strengths and needs.
Provide high quality direct/indirect interventions targeting individualized speech and language goals, using evidence-based practices, to eligible students (pull-out or in class as appropriate).
Collect data to document student progress and adjust delivery of services as needed.
Collaborate with classroom teachers, parents, and other school/community professionals regarding student progress and needs.
Conduct classroom observations.
Design and conduct training for families, teachers, and appropriate school personnel when recommended.
Consult with families, teachers, and appropriate school personnel to help develop and implement speech and language strategies and supports across all settings.
Participate in multidisciplinary team meetings (Student Support Team meetings, grade level meetings).
Maintain accurate and confidential documentation about students referred for and receiving services (Student Support Database, files).
Prepare students for transitions by ensuring that information is passed on to the receiving teachers/school, and by participating in divisional transition meetings as appropriate.
Member of the Admissions Committee when appropriate.


11 Jan 2021

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31 Dec 2020

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Minimum Experience

3 years

Job Structure

Speech language pathologist
Elementary/Primary School

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SLP Long Term Sub
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