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German Teaching Position, Language A (Heritage)

Dalian American International School (DAIS) is seeking to fill a Language A (Heritage) German teaching position, grades K-12, for the 2019-2020 school year starting on July 28, 2019. German classes will focus on the acquisition of language, grammar, and spelling in German; will include elements from German-state content, such as geography, history, and social studies; and will help students prepare for their respective state exams. These classes will be provided for children who must re-integrate into the German-national school system.

Experience teaching in Germany’s elementary and secondary level 1 & 2, and German as the native language are preferred. A Bachelor’s degree is required, as well as an accredited teacher certification in the area being taught. More information is available by opening the Job Description document, and even more information is available at our web-site, www.daischina.org. Specific inquiries may be sent to employment@daischina.net.


28 Jul 2019

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11 Feb 2019

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2 years

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