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Secondary Science (IB Chemistry)

We want to attract forward-thinking professionals to our faculty who have the human skills to really engage and inspire our students. We are interested as much in who you are - what motivates you, what life experiences you will bring with you, and what you think really matters in education. We are an educational community that wants to talk about ideas and work together to prioritize what we believe in. In this spirit, we seek professionals who actively collaborate with colleagues and who are willing to try fresh approaches to teaching and learning.

The Secondary School seeks a qualified and experienced international educator to teach Science and Mathematics. The candidate will have a strong theoretical background in both subjects. The candidate will have strong theoretical and practical experience developing curriculum in accordance with an inquiry-based program, and will also have demonstrated high levels of involvement with students and colleagues beyond the classroom.
We are passionate about the well-being of students and helping to mentor them through their journey as an adolescent. We are committed to working with teaching teams in developing and delivering a responsive advisory program to meet the needs of our students.

Learning and Teaching
Teach allocated students so that they achieve the best they can by:
Using teaching methods which will inspire and engage students and challenge their intellectual curiosity including the use of effective and purposeful questioning;
Setting high expectations of students’ behaviour and manners, through well-focused teaching and through positive and productive relationships in accordance with the rules and behaviour policy of the school;
Planning and preparing well-resourced lessons with clear teaching objectives, which lead to achievable but challenging learning outcomes for all students;
Ensuring that every student receives suitable academic challenge in every lesson and makes progress in their learning;
Work with colleagues to constantly share, reflect and improve classroom practice and develop the curriculum with the aim of improving teaching and learning across the school;
Positively targeting and supporting individual learning needs;
Effectively using homework and other extra-curricular learning opportunities;
Establishing a purposeful and safe learning environment;
Effectively managing other adults in the classroom.

Monitoring, Assessment, Recording, Reporting
Providing purposeful and regular feedback to all students so that they understand how to improve upon their own learning;
Conduct ongoing assessment of students using the school’s chosen method of recording and tracking;
Analyse assessment data on a regular basis identifying individual students and cohorts of students who require
further support/challenge;
Set challenging targets for all students as a result of data analysis ensuring a percentage increase of progress year on year;
Producing informative reports for parents, in a professional manner based upon tracking and assessment procedures adhered to within the school;
Meeting with parents and other interested parties as and when required, to discuss individual student progress;
Be accountable for the learning outcomes of the students in your lessons.

Pastoral Duties
Establish a purposeful and safe learning environment for all students;
Ensure all health and safety procedures are followed with regards to student safety;
Always attend scheduled duties and in case of absence organize cover;
Promote the general progress and well-being of individual students and in the role of form tutor
Register students, attend assemblies, deliver the advisory program and encourage the attendance of pupils at all lessons and their participation in other aspects of school life
Contribute to the preparation of Action Plans and progress files and other reports;
Alert appropriate staff to problems experienced by students and make recommendations as to how these may be resolved;
Communicate, as appropriate, with parents of students and persons or members outside the school concerned with the welfare of individual students, after consultation with appropriate staff.

Extra-Curricular Activities
Support the life of the school beyond the classroom
Attend subject and year group professional learning activities as required

Personal Development
Take responsibility for your own professional development and keep up to date with research and developments in pedagogy;
Engage with fellow colleagues in Panyaden International School

Each individual must ensure that they respect, support and teach the Buddhist Principles of the school
Each individual must participate in the five-day meditation retreat organized by the school for the staff member’s personal growth.
Any other appropriate duties as allocated by the Secondary School Principal


1 Aug 2021

Apply By

1 Dec 2020

Minimum Qualification


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Minimum Experience

2 years

Job Structure

High/Secondary School
Middle School