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MS Counselor (Tentative)


The Counselor provides individual counseling, group guidance and counseling for students, and consultation, coordination and information services for students, staff and parents. Generally, each MS counselor takes responsibility for a grade level (6,7, or 8), and the grade level is likely to change from year to year.


SEL Coordination:
• Integrate the SEL scope and sequence across your grade level in collaboration with grade-level mentoring coordinators
• Work with the team of SEL teachers, counselors, and division heads to support the integration of SEL into the fabric of the school
• Collaborate with colleagues to enrich the SEL components of their curriculum and instruction
• Teach SEL classes as need in the mentoring program
• With the counseling team, support the development of the SEL components for mentoring
• Support faculty and staff with SEL-based professional development, for example through new teacher or associate teacher training, small weekly working groups, or whole-school PD in-service days

Counseling Duties:
• Provides social-emotional counseling to individual students, parents and teachers.
• Provides group counseling.
• Consults with parents regarding parenting concerns and problems that are related to the student’s school adjustment and performance.
• Consults with teachers regarding student’s emotional/social concerns, developmental concerns, problem solving and behavior management and then develops appropriate strategies.
• Assists teaching teams to formulate plans of action related to identify issues to help create a positive learning environment throughout the school.
• Helps to manage and facilitate the Middle School Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) process.
• Refers students and parents to appropriate community resources.
• Participates in the admissions process as needed.
• Collaborates with all stakeholders in student placement.
• Develop and implement a transition program to assist students who are making transitions between grades at ISB.
• Organizes and lead Parent Workshops and meetings.
• Assists families with preparation and assembly of specific documents to support student transition to other schools.
• Facilitates student applications to summer programs.
• Serves as a first point of contact and manages all documentation for child protection (safeguarding) concerns for all students on his/her caseload.
• Maintains confidential student records.

• Possess Guidance Counselor qualifications and experience
• Be an effective communicator with teachers, students and parents.
• Have the ability to problem solve under pressure.
• Have the ability to deal with conflict resolution.
• Have proven organizational skills.


1 Jul 2021

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31 Dec 2020

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5 years
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Common Core
Middle School

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