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Secondary Teacher Librarian

Required for August 2020

NIST is looking for an enthusiastic and proactive teacher librarian who is visionary about the future of libraries and information literacy. The successful applicant will work closely with secondary faculty, the learning innovation coach, subject and year team leaders, deputy heads and the Whole School Library Coordinator (elementary teacher librarian). A passion for making the library a rich resource, research, and information literacy centre is paramount, as is the belief that the library is a profoundly impactful learning space. Qualifications and experience include a Bachelor/Master of Library & Information Management, or an equivalent qualification, along with experience with library management systems, Wordpress and advanced database management.

Professional Expectations
• Promote a welcoming, accepting and positive environment.
• Be visible and proactive.
• Plan and teach research and information literacy skills cooperatively with secondary teachers in order to ensure effective implementation of the IB programmes.
• Promote reading through various class and school-wide events.
• Give reading guidance and encouragement to individual students.
• Supervise students in the library.
• Inform faculty/ students of new materials relevant to their topic work.
• Provide or coordinate professional learning sessions to orient and update teaching staff on library resources, technology or procedures
• Provide a general reference service.
• Promote the objectives of the library through displays, NIST News and special events.
• With other library staff, orientate and teach students about the use of the library, its systems, resources and technology.
• Advise students on leisure reading choices and promotes fiction through book talks.
• Work with the other library staff and the Secondary Leadership Team to determine educational objectives of the library, and overall library policies in conjunction with subject and year team leaders.
• Work with the elementary teacher librarian to formulate agreements and procedures that support a developmental approach to the areas of learning supported by the library.
• Prepare and administer the annual library budget in collaboration with the Whole School Library Coordinator.
• As part of a team with the Secondary Leadership Team and Learning Innovation Coach, plan and supervise the development of the library, including the use of technology.
• Communicate and plan with faculty and coordinators to provide effective curriculum support, such as with the extended essay and Global Citizen Diploma programme.
• Maintains current knowledge of the relevant aspects of effective and dynamic libraries.
• Updates student and staff handbooks on library procedures.
• Supervises the library staff, including delegating tasks as appropriate to the library assistants and undertaking the training and yearly evaluation of library assistants.
• Ensure the processes for overdue materials are in place and followed.
• Maintain statistics and records of library operations, and submit an annual report to the administration.
• Build and maintain a library collection of relevant print and non-print materials in order to support the curricula.
• Work with subject and year level coordinators in selecting appropriate materials.
• Read current reviewing journals in order to identify new materials for inclusion in the library.
• Build and maintain a professional collection of interest for faculty.
• Ensures the library collection is accessible through the use of standard library cataloguing and classifying procedures.
• Participate in professional organizations and subscribe to professional journals to stay current with international developments in school librarianship.
• Attend subject team leaders’ meetings.
• Ensure pedagogical practices are in line with the school’s mission, vision and values.
• Utilize different cultural practices in line with international mindedness.
• Believe in a holistic educational experience and possess an ability to connect with students.
• Contribute to the school’s extra-curricular activities/ service programmes.
• Perform duties in accordance with the NIST Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct and NIST Professional Code of Conduct.
• Support school community, professional standards, and trust.
• Demonstrate the learner profile attributes/ dispositions at all times.
• Complete all duties as defined by the school's leadership for the designated role.

NIST is an ambitious school with a mission to do our best for every student. We have a focus on achievement in the broadest sense, and a collaborative and inquiry-based approach is an expected feature in classrooms and also within the professional life of the school. Contributing beyond expectations and taking part in activities of the school are important to us, as are an open mind and a commitment to professional learning.


1 Aug 2020

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31 Jan 2020

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Minimum Experience

2 years

Job Structure

High/Secondary School