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Achieve Xiamen International School (ISS Managed School)

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Curriculum Coordinator

Scope of Responsibility: Every educator at AXIS is responsible for providing a safe and developmentally appropriate environment in accordance with AXIS program philosophy, school policies and procedures.

The vision of our school is that an AXIS student will be a bold and compassionate leader who engages in continuous learning. The teacher is responsible for ensuring that lessons are aligned, engaging, rigorous and relevant to each student. Feedback throughout the learning process is critical so that students can demonstrate mastery of their assessments.

Engaging with the parent community is essential in insuring that each student can be supported at school and home.

The Curriculum Coordinator is expected to work a total of 200 days (first year, 205), a minimum of 180 as student-contact days. An additional stipend is provided for this position.

Reporting Structure: This position will report to the Head of School for the 2021-22 school year. As the school grows, the reporting structure may change.

Duties and Responsibilities: The primary purpose of this position is to advance the quality of instruction for students by supporting curriculum development and professional skills for staff. Specific duties include but are not limited to:

Curriculum Development and Instructional Planning
*Lead the faculty in the development of the school wide curriculum to ensure vertical progression of skills and knowledge from Nursery to Grade 9 and then higher grade levels as the school grows;
*Lead the faculty in the development of horizontal cross-curricular links and trans-disciplinary units;
*Oversee the Curriculum Mapping System, ensuring that the required detail is continually documented and updated by faculty;
*Collaborate regularly with ISS on the ongoing training and support of a school- wide curriculum;
*Assist the Head of School with the review, selection, and purchase of curriculum resources;
*Assist the faculty in the development and use of standards-based report cards
*Assist the Head of School in demonstrating that the school meets the accreditation standards with respect to the school-wide curriculum plan;
*Assist the Head of School in preparing for an instructional program such as the IB PYP program;
*Nursery to 9th Grade Instruction
*Support teachers with the full use of the ManageBac and curriculum platforms as they document, implement, and further develop the curriculum;
*Facilitate grade-level curriculum unit planning in alignment to the student performance standards as documented in ManageBac and the curriculum platform
*Develop standards-based assessments with staff;
*Ensure that standards to support the needs of EAL learners are incorporated at every grade level;
*Onboard New Staff
*Assist the Head of School in developing and implementing a staff onboarding program with respect to the school curriculum and student assessment program;
*Assist staff in selecting curriculum-related professional development based on need and professional growth;
*Additional Responsibilities as Assigned by the Head of School.

Required Skills and Attributes:
The person selected for this role will have a passion for student- centered learning and a desire to help build a top-tier instructional program from the beginning.

The skills and attributes sought are:
*A high level of curriculum development knowledge;
*An ability to identify a need, develop a plan, seek feedback, and execute the plan with precision;
*Relatable to teachers and other staff members;
*Exemplary written and spoken English;
*Experience teaching in multiple grade levels;
*An ability to understand the mission and vision of AXIS and work proactively to advance it;
*A desire to grow professionally and actively seek ways to improve their craft;
*A visionary who is excited about the prospect of creating a top-tier international school instructional program.

Required Education and Experience:
*Bachelor's degree in education or Master’s degree in education;
*Qualifications and credentials that align with curriculum knowledge and development;
*Experience teaching with at least two different types of curriculum- e.g. IB; Common Core; national educations systems such as in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.;
*Experience teaching in two or more grade levels (Primary, Secondary and/or Early Years is an asset);
*Experience living and working in China is an asset.

Additional Responsibilities:
• provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for children
• plan and implement extra-curricular after school activities (ASA).
• carry out other required duties for the good operation of the school
• utilize approved school systems to communicate, plan and archive units of work, activities and assessments
• attend and contribute to relevant school wide meetings and functions as required
• additional duties when requested by the Head of School


2 Aug 2021

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16 Jun 2021

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Curriculum Coordinator
Common Core
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