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Early Years Homeroom Teacher (Tentative, awaiting final declaration)

NIST is looking for an effective and connected educator to join our highly committed early years team. Experience with the IB PYP early years/kindergarten is preferred but other relevant experience within play-based and inquiry-based environments will be valued.

Professional Expectations
• Select and review personal teaching strategies and programmes of study as necessary in line with the school’s curriculum and its mission, vision and values.
• Collaborate with colleagues in determining year level and specialist programmes.
• Contribute expertise to the development of conceptually driven curriculum units and educational programmes.
• Contribute to the school’s extra-curricular activities programmes.
• Take part in professional development activities, including during in-service days and activities, and maintain current knowledge of subjects taught.
• Complete school duties as defined by the school's leadership for the designated role.
• Engage in professional collaboration with department members and across departments.
• Demonstrate leadership in areas of expertise within working teams.
• Demonstrate commitment to collaborative planning and teaching.
• Add to the capacity of the team through expertise in a range of media
• Have a passion for early childhood education and a history of successful teaching with a strong focus on play and inquiry
• Perform duties in accordance with the NIST Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct and NIST Professional Code of Conduct.

NIST is an ambitious school with a mission to do our best for every student. We have a focus on achievement in the broadest sense, and a collaborative and inquiry-based approach is an expected feature in classrooms and also within the professional life of the school. Contributing beyond expectations and taking part in activities of the school are important to us, as are an open mind and a commitment to professional learning.


1 Aug 2020

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29 Feb 2020

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Minimum Experience

2 years

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Early Years