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Heritage International Xperiential School

Mar 2021
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PYP Home Room Teacher

The PYP Home Room Teacher will be part of the academic team at our new state-of-the-art international primary campus built on the Scandinavian principles of minimalism. The primary curriculum is founded upon Heritage’s experiential learning curriculum with resources from the International Baccalaureate® Primary Years Programme. The programme places a powerful emphasis on inquiry-based learning, students’ academic, social and emotional-well-being and critically on international-mindedness and strong personal values. The Home Room Teacher will also be responsible for planning and implementing this curriculum for learners of Grades Nursery to 3.
 Have a clear understanding of the content and skills to be delivered to primary learners in and the progression of different concepts across the early grades
 Make detailed lesson plans for the concepts and skills to be delivered
 Incorporate different learning methodologies to accommodate children with different learning styles and paces of learning
 Knowledge and use of effective research-based instructional strategies in literacy, numeracy and experiential, project-based learning
 Plan engaging experiences and small group experiences within an inquiry play-based context
 Create opportunities to understand concepts through hands-on experiences and with linkages to real life situations or to an authentic audience or purpose for students’ work
 Ensure effective inclusion and differentiation for all students
 Create a nurturing, respectful and safe classroom environment that responds to the needs of each child
 Plan tasks which challenge children and ensure high level of student-engagement and interest
 Assist children in expressing themselves by listening and responding with questions or comments that extend conversations
 Recognize and respond to the needs of each child by using developmentally appropriate teaching and child behavior management techniques
 Improve students’ collaboration and social and emotional growth through facilitate of small group (crew) team-building initiatives and group challenges
 Observe each child to help improve his/her skills, knowledge and social competencies and build self-esteem
 Assess and evaluate children educational progress & abilities through benchmark assessments, and formative and summative assessments
 Use data effectively in setting targets and understanding children progress.
 Address problem behaviors with empathy and understanding
 Involve students in self-assessments and peer assessments with clear rubrics or criteria checklists, and facilitate portfolios and student-led family conferences
 Plan for parent conferences, meetings, and student-led family conference
 Build a contributive community of involved adults for children
 Encourage parents to participate as partners whenever possible
 Liaison with children's families to ensure smooth transition from home to school and transitions from classroom to classroom when needed.
 Plan and participate actively in all program specific meetings, parental meetings and grade level and school-wide events
 Facilitate effective grade level meetings to develop a Professional Learning Community and to create continuous reflection and learning in our adult learners
 Work collaboratively with the Head of the International Primary Programme (IPP) and the Head of Experiential Learning & Expeditions and the entire IPP Leadership Team, as member, to create a high performing early childhood programme for students of Grades Nursery to 3
 Minimum 3 years of experience in lower elementary/ primary classroom teaching
 Ability to plan and prepare engaging curriculum in all disciplines, appropriately differentiated, for effective instruction and to support maximum student growth in learning
 Experience with implementing or knowledge of Bridges Mathematics Program, Units of Study in Reading and Writing, and Expeditionary Learning preferred
 Ability to effectively plan, organize and implement effective lessons, using research-based best instructional methods.
 Ability to create caring, enduring and safe classroom environment
 Ability to relate and communicate effectively with parents and encourage their participation as partners in their child’s education
 Cultural awareness, professionalism, integrity and flexibility


1 Jul 2021

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31 May 2021

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3 years

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