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Secondary School Art Teacher Job Description
• plan and prepare learning activities and guide students towards the achievement of curriculum and district objectives
• develop a program to meet the needs, abilities, and interests of students
• Use a range of instructional techniques and media consistent with available resources and student needs and capabilities
• expand the students' use of individual and collaborative strategies to generate concepts and ideas
• incorporate new technologies and tools in the creative process
• teach students how to identify elements and techniques used to create concepts
• teach students to apply elements of design and modern principles of art
• further the students' knowledge of visual arts and media through art theory and history
• develop an aesthetic understanding and appreciation that allows students to make qualitative judgments about art
• enable students to create a functional portfolio of their artworks
• plan, coordinate and prepare art displays and exhibitions for the school and community
• assist students with effective display and presentation of their works
• evaluate each student's performance on a continual basis
• prepare progress reports
• communicate with staff and parents on student's progress
• develop and maintain effective working relationships both internal and external to the school
• select and maintain required inventory of materials, tools, instructional aids and equipment
• instruct students in the proper use and maintenance of materials, equipment, and tools
• monitor proper use and storage of materials, tools and equipment to ensure good housekeeping
• ensure the required standards of classroom management and student behavior are met
• maintain accurate and complete records as required by law, district policy, and administrative regulations
Education and Experience
• Bachelors degree in Fine Arts or equivalent
• State teaching certificate/licensure appropriate for the grade level and subject area
• solid working knowledge of the concepts, activities, and techniques related to teaching art at the required level
• strong foundation in classroom management
• knowledge of the policies and procedures of the school relevant to the tasks and responsibilities of the position
Key Competencies and Skills
• analytical skills
• initiative
• communication skills
• planning and organizing
• patience and stress tolerance
• adaptability
• collaborative skills
• innovative


1 Aug 2021

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1 Jun 2021

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Minimum Experience

2 years

Job Structure

Common Core
High/Secondary School
Fine Art