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Cayman International School (An ISS-Governed School)

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Upper Elementary Teacher

The CIS Mission
Our mission is to Connect / Inspire / Serve. (CIS) We are a positive community with passionate learners.

The CIS Community Principles
Kindness - We value kindness. Our kindness is illustrated in all of our interactions: with our own children, with others’ children, with families, with staff, and with administrators. How we communicate with each other is emblematic of our collective kind and caring spirit.
Partnership - We are strongest when we work together, when we share ideas and resources, and when we partner with the greater Cayman community. A spirit of collaboration not only makes our community stronger, it makes students learning richer by connecting stakeholders in exciting and innovative ways.
Sustainability - We take into consideration long-term impacts when making decisions. This applies to decisions about programming as well is to our personal and collective behavior. We live on an island with limited resources and our environmental stewardship is essential in keeping it viable and healthy for generations to come.
Good Intent - We assume good intent. We trust that members of our community have what is best for one another at heart. We engage diverse perspectives with empathy and open-mindedness. We aim to be our best selves in all that we do.

The CIS Learning Principles
Language of Learning - We understand that to make learning happen effectively and collectively we need a shared language that describes what learning is and how we do it.
Ownership of Learning - We understand that we are all able to learn and ultimately responsible for our own learning.
Nature of Learning - We understand that learning is emotional as well as cognitive and is both an individual and social experience.
Contexts of Learning - We understand that learning transfer happens best in rich, relevant contexts.

Elementary Teacher

Role Requirements
The successful candidate is required to have the following:
Bachelor’s degree in Education (Master’s preferred) from an accredited university
Valid teaching certificate/license from a country whose program is recognized by the Caymanian Government
Minimum of two years of successful teaching experience in an accredited school or school system with a US-based or International Baccalaureate Programme
Proven track record of excellence at current and previous places of service
Specific experience and training with the following;
Experience with educational programming or school with a US-based curricular focus
Prior experience with Standards-Based assessment practices
Prior experience with Positive Discipline or similar classroom meeting approach to social-emotional learning
Prior experience in Project-Based Learning or similar progressive pedagogy
Prior experience with Writer's Workshop Model (TCRWP)
Prior experience with Balanced Literacy approach

Desired Attributes
Team Oriented
Contributor to afterschool programming
Embodies CIS Community Principles

Reports to
Elementary School Principal

Our Culture
Our team recognizes that school years for children of all ages are periods of tremendous growth, curiosity and transition in the lives of students and parents. Through good teaching practice and modeling we facilitate the students’ intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth through school and beyond. Indeed, students’ well being is at the centre of our teaching practice and as such, teachers must be committed to working collegially, collaboratively, energetically and enthusiastically to enhance the learning environment for students, staff and community. Our school and its community value staff who demonstrate excellence, collaborate, communicate in an effective and timely fashion, have a sense of humour, are flexible, celebrate diversity, appreciate and engage in Caymanian culture, accommodate different learning styles and sponsor after school activities.

Equity and Inclusion
It is CIS policy that decisions about staff assignments, promotion, demotion, and selection for training shall be taken without regard to race, colour, ethnicity, gender, disability or sexual orientation.

Evaluation / Reflection / Professional Growth
Performance will be evaluated within the framework of our appraisal and professional development protocol

Compensation and Work Year
Compensation as per contract in relation to CIS remuneration scale
Work year as per the CIS school calendar and teacher contract

NB: Cayman citizens, status holders and residents are encouraged to apply


1 Aug 2021

Apply By

11 Jun 2021

Minimum Qualification


Cover Letter


Minimum Experience

2 years

Job Structure

Common Core
Elementary/Primary School