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Elementary School Principal (School Year 2022)

JOB GOAL / PURPOSE: The Elementary School Principal serves in all matters as the educational leader of the Elementary School. The Principal ensures that all programs and practices of faculty and staff support the school’s mission and vision and that is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all students irrespective of race, ability, religion, gender or culture. on a day-to-day basis, are provided with an excellent educational program.


The Elementary School Principal will be responsible for the following areas under the specific direction of the Head of School.

• Provide principled, effective educational leadership to the Elementary School division.
• Develop collaboration and support of the major stakeholders of the school in the major decisions affecting the Elementary School division
• Ensure that all teachers and support staff have a clear understanding of their performance expectations.
• Establish a willingness to be a mentor to all faculty as well as encouraging their professional growth and career advancement.
• Role model traits that enable others to recognize the principal as an ethical leader of leaders.
• Communicate effectively with students, faculty, parents, colleagues, and in the community.
• Seek the involvement of faculty and parents in a wide variety of school activities and programs.
• Develop the leadership capabilities of teachers so that instructional leadership becomes a shared responsibility.
• Support curriculum development and assessment that drives strong student outcomes for all learners.
• Use data to improve student learning.
• Lead the analysis of information that helps determine whether curriculum and instructional goals and student performance outcomes are being met.
• Create an efficient, productive and caring atmosphere where all students and faculty have an opportunity to be recognized for their best efforts.
• Ensure that all of the school's resources are identified and being used to serve students and faculty members alike; help both reach their full performance potential.
• Assume responsibility for sound financial management including accurate program budget planning and fiscal accountability.
• Demonstrate the willingness to seek constant professional learning and professional growth as a committed life-long learner.
• Be an active participant and supporter of the after-school student activity programs and parent events.
• Establish annual goals and work plans that are consistent with the school's Strategic Plan and mission.
• Serve as a contributing member to the school's senior management team.
• Perform such other duties and responsibilities as delegated by the Head of School.


- Possess appropriate degrees (minimum Master’s level or equivalent) plus current certification in the area of Elementary School Administration.
- Demonstrated success in a multi-cultural environment, with overseas experience highly desirable
- Strong strategic and general planning skills.
- Demonstrated knowledge of the curriculum development process including student and program assessment.
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
- Strong commitment to, and proven record of, fostering community involvement and support.
- Experience using data to drive student outcomes.
- Expertise in reading and mathematics curriculum selection.
- Excellent organizational and managerial skills including the ability to motivate and lead a diverse team.
- Ability to both delegate and effectively monitor overall operations.
- Ability to successfully lead the faculty evaluation and professional growth process.


1 Jul 2022

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31 Aug 2021

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5 years
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Principal/Division Head
Common Core
Elementary/Primary School

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