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Secondary School Counsellor

Panyaden International School seeks a qualified and experienced international educator to work with our students in secondary school. The successful candidate will have a variety of experiences in multiple schools, Specific experience in working with parents and students during the admissions process in the US, UK, Canada, Asia, and general experience in Europe. The secondary counselor supports the academic, personal/social, career, and global perspective development of all students. They also work collaboratively with the PYDs primary counselor to build and maintain a comprehensive and developmental school counseling program. The counselor completes these tasks by consulting and collaborating with teachers, Learning Support, EAL, Coordinators, parents, and administrators.

Responsive Services - Activities meeting individual students' immediate emotional needs. This includes individual and group counseling, crisis counseling, consultation, referrals, peer facilitation, and transitions.
Individual Student Planning - Activities designed to assist students individually in establishing personal goals and developing future plans. This includes individual student counseling and small group counseling.
System Support: Activities that indirectly support students and the school counseling program. Such activities include consultation, collaboration, program management, and professional development.
Counselling Curriculum: Structured developmental lessons designed to assist students in achieving the desired competencies and to provide all students with the knowledge and skills appropriate for their developmental level. Methods in which this can be delivered include; advisory program, counseling lessons, interdisciplinary curriculum development, parent education, and transitions.

It is expected that candidates for this position will be highly qualified educators. Characteristics of the ideal person for this position would include:
Education / Certification:
Degree and certification as a school counselor
Minimum 3 years working in a school counseling role
Continued investment in professional development related to school counseling
Preference will be given to candidates with college and career counseling experience.

Personal Characteristics:
Ability to establish rapport, collaborate, maintain harmonious working relationships, and deal tactfully and professionally with others

This position receives a highly competitive salary and benefits package; the initial appointment will be for a two-year period, to be renewed annually thereafter.


1 Aug 2021

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1 Dec 2020

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5 years

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School Counsellor
High/Secondary School