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School Librarian

Job Description - SCHOOL LIBRARIAN

We want to attract forward-thinking professionals to our faculty who have the human skills to really engage and inspire our students. We are interested as much in who you are - what motivates you, what life experiences you will bring with you, and what you think really matters in education. We are an educational community that wants to talk about ideas and work together to prioritize what we believe in. In this spirit, we seek professionals who actively collaborate with colleagues and who are willing to try fresh approaches to teaching and learning.

The Primary and Secondary Principals
The coordinators, school counsellors, all teaching staff, parents and students


Assist the Principals in developing, implementing and maintaining a policy for the management and use of the Library and as a resource which supports learning and teaching in the school, in collaboration with other staff.

Manage and organise resources, facilities and services provided by the Library and , in conjunction with the school management team, to allow flexible access and support for curricular activities, study support and independent use.

Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the service provided by the Library and implement changes, where necessary, preparing a Library improvement plan, in order to meet new priorities in conjunction with the Principals and other staff.

Select, acquire, purchase, advise on the promotion of learning resources in all formats and recreational reading material which support the curriculum, learning and teaching and literacy, in consultation with school management and other teaching staff, ensuring equality of access for all pupils and staff. Select, acquire, maintain and withdraw library stock, ensuring a balance between subject, languages and ability levels and show an active engagement in diversity and equality issues.

Index, catalogue and classify learning resources in the Library and and develop and maintain accurate and reliable catalogue and lending systems.

Take responsibility for the Library budget, allocating resources as identified in the Library development plan and present an annual report to the Principal.

Collaborate with teaching staff in the planning, development, delivery and evaluation of relevant information and study skills programmes in the Library.

Contribute to the development and promotion of the use of relevant ICT applications to support learning and teaching in the Library and , including on-line database, and keep abreast of ICT initiatives which have an impact on the delivery of a school library service.

Promote the use of Library and to the school community and foster an atmosphere which is conducive to positive learning experiences, i.e. investigation and research, for users of the service. This will include ensuring a high standard of display and promotional materials is available.

Disseminate information on resources and services through the production of curriculum-based bibliographies of Library and resources, and where appropriate, organise book events, author visits, book fairs and exhibitions in consultation with school management.

Contribute to relevant policy development in the school through memberships of appropriate groups, attendance, where appropriate, at school management team, coordinator meetings and section meetings, and through liaison with other teachers, e.g. ICT strategy, study support and curricular resource support.

Maintain and facilitate access to the careers library.

Participate, when requested, in other appropriate working groups.

Attend meetings, courses and training relevant to continued professional development.

Be aware of current developments in education and maintain staff resources.

Develop and maintain links with external agencies and sources to maximise the use of
appropriate materials and information for the Library and , including public libraries, museums, local colleges, community learning services and other local authorities.

Where appropriate, participate in primary/secondary liaison initiatives.

Encourage pupil involvement in the running of the Library.

Be willing to make a positive contribution to the overall school ethos.

Ensure that they respect, support and teach the Buddhist Principles of the school

Participate in the five-day meditation retreat organised by the school for the staff member’s personal growth.

Any other appropriate duties as allocated by the supervisor.


1 Aug 2020

Apply By

30 Jun 2020

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Minimum Experience

2 years

Job Structure

Whole School