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Primary School - EAL Teacher

To support our Primary School team, we are currently looking for an adaptable and inspiring EAL Teacher, motivator and communicator (Sabbatical cover).

Differentiate EAL lessons in order to accommodate for varying levels of English language capacity and approaches to learning.
Help select resources and manage them efficiently and ensure classroom are organised, stimulating and attractive.
Encourage students to continue their learning independently and spark enthusiasm and love for learning by modelling this themselves.
Provide opportunities for students to discuss personal and social issues e.g. organisation of class meetings / circle time.
Integrate technology meaningfully into everyday teaching and learning.
Compile meaningful and effective communications for the class parents that reflect the high quality teaching & learning taking place in the class.
Maintain cooperative, supportive professional relationships with colleagues and share expertise, strategies to use in the classroom and re- sources to meet specific student needs.
Complete regular monitoring of the social–emotional needs of each child, recording any significant information and referring this to the Student Support Services Team as required.
Support and promote the school and the IB mission statements and actively model the attributes of the IB learner profile.

A committed, experienced and well-qualified Primary EAL teacher, who seeks opportunities to extend expertise and looks for improvement to provide a high-quality teaching standard.
A Bachelors or Master´s degree in Primary Education with a valid teaching certification.
At least one year teaching experience, ideally in an IBPYP School and Experience in using technology to enrich student learning.


1 Aug 2019

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30 Jun 2019

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1 year

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Elementary/Primary School