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MS PE/Health (2 positions)

The purpose of the Middle School Physical Education program is to prepare students with the skills, attitudes and knowledge necessary to participate in the local community. Teacher will be responsible for delivering instruction to Grade 6, mixed-gendered classes as well as Grade ⅞ single gender classes. Teacher will be expected to think flexibly in deciding how to best meet the diverse needs, and cultural expectations of our students. Teacher will be a positive role model through the modelling and advocacy for a healthy and active lifestyle. Teacher will regularly use both quantitative and qualitative data to improve their practice throughout their time at KISJ. As a minimum requirement, the teacher should be hold a bachelor’s degree in a Physical Educations specific area or another reputable Physical Education certification. The teacher will seek to continually improve their practice through subject-related professional development opportunities during their time at KISJ.


27 Jul 2019

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15 Feb 2019

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3 years

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Common Core
Middle School
Health and Physical Education
Physical Education

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