British International School, Phuket

British International School, Phuket

The British International School Phuket is a caring school. The staff turnover each year is low (typically around 10%) and the average length of stay exceeds six years. This is not because of the beaches and sunshine, although, to be perfectly honest, this does no harm to our recruitment. Many teachers have children at the school. The balance of male to female teacher is almost exactly even throughout the school, including Early Years, and although there is a very healthy age spread from the aged (me) to those who are in their first few years of teaching, it is an exceptionally experienced staff overall. The school has outstanding facilities, and places a great emphasis upon a healthy lifestyle and caring for others. It is a happy place, and we are looking for teachers who will contribute positively, and enhance our culture.

Background checks are conducted on all successful applicants.
Neil Richards - Headmaster

School Details

  • Year founded 1996
  • Public or private Private
  • Profit or not for profit Profit
  • Governing body Board
  • Campus size (hectares) 18.00
  • Day or boarding Day
  • Segregation type Co-educational
  • Religious affiliation None
  • Accreditation Cambridge International Examination (IGCSE/A-Level)
  • Accreditation Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA - Thailand)
  • Accreditation Council of International Schools (CIS)
  • Accreditation New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
  • Accreditation IB DP
  • Accreditation Cambridge Assessment International Education
  • Accreditation Athlete Friendly Education Cetnre (AFEC)

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Education Information

  • Curriculum IB DP
  • Curriculum UK KS3
  • Curriculum UK Primary Curriculum
  • Curriculum UK-IGCSE
  • Instructional language English
  • Alternate instruction language
  • Start grade Nursery
  • End grade 13

Tuition Fees

  • Lower fee amount (USD) 12000.0
  • Upper fee amount (USD) 24000.0

Teacher Information

  • Teacher numbers 110
  • Local teacher % 2
  • Expatriate teacher % 98
  • Number of nationalities 16

Student Information

  • Total student numbers 900
  • Nursery infant students 29
  • K or Pre-K students 60
  • Elementary students 315
  • Middle school students 200
  • Senior school students 265
  • Grade school students 315
  • Local student % 33
  • Expatriate student % 67
  • Nationalities represented 40

Teaching Information

  • Teaching days/year 181
  • Contracts begin August
  • We require teaching certification or licenses. Yes
  • We offer 1 year contracts. No
  • We hire intern teachers. No
  • We assist with pet relocation. Yes

Job Types and Salaries

Visa Requirements

School Benefits

  • Benefit type Number of contract days
  • Description 181 School days + 14 Staff days
  • Benefit type Starting salary range
  • Description 80000 baht to 154500 baht. Initial contract is for 2 years, subsequent contract is also 2 years, then 1 year contracts. Contracts offered are subject to a successful performance management. Signing-on Bonus of 1 month salary for each contract. Bonus is awarded in September salary.
  • Benefit type Taxes
  • Description 20-30%.
  • Benefit type Savings potential
  • Description Saving potential is good but much depends upon lifestyle and the desire to take advantage of Phuket as a travel base hub.
  • Benefit type Accommodation
  • Description School assigned housing (3 bedrooms) or: Housing Allowance (taxable) Single: 30000 baht per month Couple: 35000 baht per month
  • Benefit type Flights/Transport
  • Description Teacher + dependents at beginning & end of contract (and mid contract in 3rd year) (Option of taking 80% flight allowance less tax, in cash)
  • Benefit type Utilities
  • Description Teachers are expected to pay for these.
  • Benefit type Furniture
  • Description School assigned housing is fully furnished.
  • Benefit type Moving allowance
  • Description Resettlement Allowance -10,000 baht on arrival. Freight Allowance Teacher – 28,000 baht Partner – 28,000 baht Children – 14,000 baht per family
  • Benefit type Dependent opportunities
  • Description Education Scholarships awarded (100% tuition fees) to 2 school age dependent children per teacher contract.
  • Benefit type Medical
  • Description Worldwide plan (no dental program) Deductible (5000 baht)
  • Benefit type Dental
  • Description None.
  • Benefit type Other
  • Description Pension Plan Thai providential fund (3% contribution). Three years minimum to get matched employer contribution. (Tax Free)