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Create your school profile, post your jobs and start recruiting. It’s that easy with ISS-Schrole Advantage.
We notify candidates of your job vacancies based on how closely their job alerts match your requirements. Alternatively, you can proactively search for candidates using our intelligent search functionality. Once you find a candidate you like, our user-friendly technology allows you to start conversations or invite candidates to apply at the touch of a button.

Effortlessly keep track of applicants with our integrated applicant tracking system. You can keep notes or interview scores on candidate files for the wider school recruitment team to see. Candidate rejection emails are handled automatically and delicately - complete with other job vacancy suggestions.

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Unlimited access. Unlimited use. Simple pricing.

With ISS-Schrole Advantage, you’ll know upfront exactly what your fees are for the entire recruitment season. Pay just one fee for complete access and unlimited hires. If your school wants to participate at fairs, you can opt for the all-inclusive Premier tier.

  • No placement fees. Receive personal attention
Upcoming Recruitment Fairs
It’s not all about technology. Our recruiting fairs provide an outstanding in-person networking opportunity. The fairs provide amazing ways for school staff and educators to meet face-to-face through casual networking events as well as formal opportunities. As an attending school, you will also have the option to have a special app listing and to give a 30-minute presentation to interested candidates. During the event, you can conduct interviews, sign contracts, and fill those vacancies.

For those who are unable to travel or who simply have added job openings throughout the year, we also offer the much-valued iFairs® several times per season. These virtual events feature video chats and lots more opportunities to promote your school and speak directly with candidates.

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