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Qatar Academy Al Khor

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Primary School Principal

In collaboration with the Educational Leadership Team and the Administrative Team, the Primary School Principal is responsible for the effective development, delivery, and evaluation of all educational programmes, including academic and pastoral elements.
Qualifications and Experience
- Master’s Degree in Education or an Honors Degree, QTS and postgraduate qualifications in educational leadership
- Relevant experience in the field of teaching in Primary Education
- Knowledge & experience with PYP implementation in Primary Education
- Experience of responsibility and leadership capacity in an educational setting
- Experience building and maintaining an effective school culture with high consideration for cultural sensitivities and values of the school and the community
-Understanding, knowledge, and implementation of best educational practices
- Understanding and experience with fostering interdisciplinary planning and teaming
- Understanding and experience in integrating technology into the curriculum to improve student achievement
- Understanding and experience in analyzing data and developing improvement/action plans
- Highly effective interpersonal, leadership, and written & oral communication skills
-Bilingual (Arabic/English) preferred.
-Knowledge of ELL best practices (Preferred)
The following are key attributes sought in the successful candidate:
• Positive, flexible and ambitious
• Goal oriented; a planner and focused
• Inspirational, thoughtful, sensitive, proactive
• Strategic, supportive, adaptable, a community builder
• Knowledgeable, resilient, dynamic, emotionally intelligent
• Problem-solver who evaluates, compares and relates information, identifies broader implications of proposed solutions across the organization and uses own experience and evidence from theory, other industries and technologies to identify problems and understand situations
• Child-centered leader who has strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Ability to create a dynamic and positive school environment conducive to student learning, academic progress and social-emotional wellbeing
• Ability to solve problems, think creatively to find solutions, remain professional, calm, and focused in crisis situations
• Ability to anticipate problem issues before they arise and make plans to overcome them
• Ability to communicate clearly and in a timely manner when making decisions or drafting plans
• Ability to engage staff in a shared, collaborative leadership model, in which all staff have an opportunity to contribute to policies, processes and systems
• Willingness to demonstrate continuous professional growth by seeking a variety of opportunities
• Willingness to support school decisions and maintain positive staff morale
• Willingness to show respect and support for the local culture and traditions and engage with staff to do the same
• Willingness to lead by example
• Ability to review existing policies to enable effective problem solving and sound judgment accordingly
• Ability to exhibit sound judgment in order to anticipate potential implications of all decisions; balance benefits and risks to identify areas of uncertainty
• Ability to evaluate information through penetrating questions, thus ensuring complete information is available to make informed decisions
• Ability to arrive at well-researched decisions that balance quality service and cost
• Ability to encourage and support appropriate risk-taking by subordinates when making decisions


1 Aug 2020

Apply By

6 Feb 2020

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Minimum Experience

5 years

Job Structure

Principal/Division Head
Elementary/Primary School

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