Tsinghua University High School International - Chaoyang

Tsinghua University High School International - Chaoyang

Tsinghua University High School International at Chaoyang opened its doors on September 1, 2015. Located in Chaoyang District at the National Tennis Center in Olympic Forest Park, THSI – Chaoyang advances a rich history of education excellence with our sister schools under the Tsinghua University “umbrella”. In more than 5 years of operation, we have grown into a Grade 1-12 community of 500 students and 139 faculty and staff. We are an international community, with faculty and staff from many different countries serving a community of culturally Chinese students. The school accepts both Chinese nationals and international passport holders.

THSI –Chaoyang offers an American-style education with an international orientation. All instruction is delivered in English with the exception of Chinese language courses. In most subjects, the curriculum culminates in College Board Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Our setting is Beijing’s spectacular Olympic Park, which was created for the 2008 Olympic Games. In scale, it is similar to New York’s Central Park, a vast natural area including open fields, wetlands, a picturesque lake, and high promontories that allow views of the surrounding cityscape. Our school building is part of China’s National Tennis Center, which annually hosts the China Open tournament. The campus is a short drive from our parent institutions, Tsinghua University and Tsinghua International School, and a short distance from Beijing's tourist areas.

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Advanced Placement (AP)

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+8610-8437 0906
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Tsinghua University High School International-Chaoyang
National Tennis Center
No. 2 Lincui Road

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Job Types and Salaries

Visa Requirements
Maximum Age
Less than 60 years-old
Years Experience
Minimum of two years’ teaching experience
Minimum Qualification Level
Bachelor Degree;
Teaching Certification in the appropriate area
School Benefits
Starting Salary Range
Bachelor Degree with 2 years teaching experience:
Base Salary: RMB273,000

Master Degree with 10 years teaching experience:
Base Salary: RMB321,000
Master Supplement: RMB10,000
Total Salary: RMB331,000
School will provide housing allowance for international teachers.
Round-trip flight for each teaching couple and family members at the end of each school year or round-trip flight for each contracted teacher.
Initial flight to China at start of contract for each teacher and family members.
Returning Bonus (Post-Tax): RMB10,000 (One-year contract renewal) and RMB15,000 (Two-year contract renewal, given each year)
Dependent Opportunities
School will provide dependent tuition fee up to 3 children.
School will provide international insurance options for all international teachers, totaling RMB20,000 per year, allowing teachers to have western-style facilities at international hospitals.
Oversea Bank Transfer Service

ELL and Data Coach

ELL and Data Specialist

Overview: Informed by data and most effective practices in curriculum design, instructional
strategies, co-teaching and coaching, work side-by-side with teachers and students in specific grade bands to ensure maximum growth and learning of both students and teachers.

Reports to: head of level (primary or secondary) via ELL and Data HOD

Specific Responsibilities:
Support with and create UbD units, assessments, and instructional strategies
Support teachers by proactively creating instructional materials
Support differentiation in instruction
Design and maintain schedule to meet with students and teachers
Maintain accurate records
Design and lead parent and teacher workshops and data meetings related to English acquisition
Support in-class instruction and take on instructional role when appropriate
Coordinate and lead testing – specifically MAP and WIDA
Analyze and interpret data, determining instructional implications
Work with faculty groups to design action plans based on goals determined by data
Work with parent groups on interpreting and analyzing data
Proactively communicate about efforts with teachers, students, parents, and administration
Set individual goals for each student and work with each on the attainment of those goals.

Competencies and Skills:
Contribute positively to staff morale
Student-centered in approach and mentality
Ability to build a culture of thinking and learning
Advocacy for students while supporting teachers
Self-directed, good time-manager, good listener, proactive, solution-focused, organized, caring
Flexible, positive, patient, adaptable, creative, critical thinker, self-aware, relationship focused
Build teacher buy-in and skills

Knowledgeable of differentiated instruction and classroom implementation strategies
Knowledge of how to use data to inform decisions about instruction
Co-teaching experience and understanding of the co-teaching partnership
Knowledge of language acquisition in classroom setting
Knowledge UbD, MAP, and WIDA
Starting: 1 Aug 2021
Apply By: 30 Jun 2021
Closes In: 156 days

SS ScienceTeacher

MS (Grade 6th-9th) Science Teacher
The basic idea of hiring middle school science teachers is responsible for introducing more complex scientific concepts in biology, chemistry, and physics and to make sure that the student body is taught scientific concepts particular to their age groups.

Job Description
MS (Grade 6-9) Science teacher is expected to:

• Assist school management in creating and implementing core middle school science curriculum, according to set federal and government procedures
• Create and implement lesson plans to meet the specific learning needs of all students.
• Provide group and one on one instruction to students, to ensure that they understand difficult scientific concepts
• Assist students with classwork to ensure that they are a par with each other, and give them homework on a scheduled basis
• Conduct age-appropriate scientific experiments and activities within controlled environments, aiming to assist students in understanding complex theories
• Develop and implement activities-based resources, aiming to teach students complex concepts in a fun manner
• Create and maintain effective liaison with parents and guardians to ensure that they are kept up to date about their children’s progresses

· Degree in a related field such as science or education.
· Passion for sharing knowledge
· Creativity and diverse methodologies for imparting ideas and knowledge
· Basic computer skills including educational software, programs for recording, grading, and evaluating students' work and progress, and technical skills with overhead projectors and other media-sharing devices
Starting: 1 Aug 2021
Apply By: 30 Apr 2021
Closes In: 95 days