Shattuck-St. Mary's School, Forest City

Shattuck-St. Mary's School, Forest City

Shattuck-St. Mary’s Forest City International School welcomed our first students in the fall of 2018. The school is located in Forest City, which is South East Asia’s first ecologically green city located on the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia, with Singapore visible across the Straits of Johor. All the academic, residential and commercial properties in Forest City are adorned with vertical greeneries, sky gardens and rooftop garden systems that form a natural barrier against heat, reduce energy consumption, naturally purify air, conserve rainwater, and reduce noise. It feels like living in a forest with greenery everywhere.

Our students come from both near and far, as citizens of Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Canada, the UK, and the USA. We offer an American curriculum based on the longstanding tradition of academic rigor and innovation that has been established in Shattuck-St. Mary’s School in Minnesota over the past 160 years. Shattuck-St. Mary’s Forest City International School offers students a unique opportunity to enjoy an American education in Malaysia as either day or boarding students. Our purpose-built academic campus and residential building create a vibrant educational community where teachers and students live and learn together.

Our teaching faculty brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the American curriculum. Over half of our international teachers are Americans. We also have teachers from Canada, the Philippines, the UK, Australia, Germany, Singapore, and Malaysia. The experience and training our teachers bring to their craft create a truly international learning experience for our students.

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Jalan Forest City 8, Pulau Satu
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School Benefits
Number of Contract Days
Starting Salary Range
35, 469 to 60, 446 USD equivalent paid in Malaysian Ringgit
Savings Potential
50% or more. You are provided housing, all utilities and meals.
School furnished apartment in dormitory. Meals are provided.
A flight to city of hire at beginning and at end of contract for candidate and dependents.
All utilities, excluding cable television, paid by school, subject to reasonable limits.
Fully furnished.
Moving Allowance
$1500 per adult plus $500 per child at beginning and end of contract.
Dependent Opportunities
Full tuition remission of fees for SSM-FC for children. Tuition and registration fees are waived but fees for school uniform and extras such as school trips will still have to be paid.
Premiums for staff and dependents paid for by school.
Premiums for staff and dependents paid for by school.

Grade 1 Teacher

The Grade One teacher Elementary School Classroom Teacher at Shattuck-St. Mary’s, Forest City plays a critical role in setting students up for success, especially in literacy and numeracy, throughout their Elementary school careers (and later in their educational journeys). The successful candidate joins an outstanding, experienced Grade One teacher, with the intention that the two teachers will work collaboratively to support students in the grade, within a broader Elementary School and Whole School professional teaching and learning community.

The successful candidate, working individually and collaboratively, will achieve the following:

1. Teaching Objectives
• plan cooperatively the program of studies in English language arts, math, science and engineering, and community and cultural studies ( and social studies) with colleagues in the same grade and in the Elementary School
• deliver the program to students using best practices in teaching and learning, formative and summative assessment (including digital portfolios), and integration of technology (iPad program) addressing the needs of each student
• provide ongoing communication with parents, including information on homework, settling in, social-emotional and formative assessment feedback, and summative feedback, through messages home, invitations for parents to observe or participate in lessons, parent-teacher conferences (student-led and three-way), and reports
• collaborate and plan with subject specialists for interdisciplinary activities/projects that support the curriculum
• integrate technology in meaningful ways, where it advances teaching and learning, providing students with positive ways of approaching technology use
• seek out opportunities for students to develop leadership skills
• plan an advisory/pastoral program that provides extraordinary care for each student
• develop a safe and supportive community in the classroom as part of the larger Elementary and SSM-FC communities
• develop positive working relationships with parents and colleagues
• take a leadership role in curriculum development and review, ensuring that the curriculum flows smoothly from grade to grade

2. Team objectives
• encourage, support and offer advice to specialist teachers of her/his homeroom
• provide support to specialist teachers and to teachers in the same grade level as it pertains to students with behavioural or academic needs
• make representations to the Elementary Principal regarding class needs
• cooperate with other Elementary leaders in providing collaborative leadership to the division
• take a role in the transition processes from Early Years
• represent SSM-FC at any relevant external conferences on class or grade level matters
• liaise with specialist teachers on curriculum matters to create opportunities for integrated units
• plan day excursions collaboratively
• arrange opportunities for parents to observe student growth and achievement and to take an active part in the life of the class

3. Boarding Duties
• teachers will live on campus in the boarding facilities, some times on the same floor as middle and high school resident students
• teachers will have occasional boarding duties, which run from about 6:30 to 10:30 and includes study hall and then end of day routines, about one time a month
• teachers will also escort students on a Saturday or Sunday excursion about once every 2 months

Required Skills/Credentials

1. University education and teacher certification in Elementary/Primary School
2. Extensive experience teaching first grade
3. Experience teaching English Language Learners
4. Experience teaching the Readers/Writers Workshop model as developed at Teacher's College, Columbia University
5. Experience integrating technology across the curriculum, especially iPad tablet devices
6. Experience with a Singapore Math approach would be an asset
7. Experience teaching Chinese students would be an asset

Note 1: Normally, teachers employed in the Elementary School are not hired for a specific grade. At the present time, SSM-FC ha an opening for a first-grade teacher. A change in grade would be possible at the teacher's request (though normally not within the first 2-year contract) and grade assignments could change over the course of a career at Shattuck-St. Mary’s, Forest City.

Note 2: The position will start when a suitably outstanding candidate has been identified, sufficient students have been enrolled and a work visa has been arranged. There is currently a small waiting list for grade one.
Starting: 30 Sep 2019
Apply By: 15 Aug 2019
Closes In: 26 days

Upper School Music Teacher (G6 - G11)

The music teacher position at Shattuck-St. Mary’s, Forest City, will teach students from G6 to grade 11. As enrollment grows, further music teachers will be employed, permitting teachers to focus on their areas of strength, Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle and/or High schools.

Whole School Responsibilities
The music program at SSM-FC crescendos with the appointment of the founding music teacher. She or he will begin to create opportunities for students to excel in music, through performing opportunities in school, partnerships in the community, and collaborations with other teachers. Two key responsibilities will be to support one or two quality theatrical performances a year, working with other teachers, and to develop individual and group instrumental lessons and recitals. The music teacher, if qualified, might also offer some drama instruction.

Upper School (G6-11)
In the Upper School music will be offered to students in grades 6– 11 for approximately 2 lessons per class. The program will be developed by the music teacher with an emphasis on performance skills. The program will incorporate opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery of musical skills through singing, playing instruments, improvising, composing and movement. There will be an opportunity to develop an elective band program and to support the musical interests of students in after-school activities.
Starting: 1 Aug 2019
Apply By: 31 Jul 2019
Closes In: 11 days