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Panyaden International School is a community of international and Thai staff who are passionate about providing a unique programme of learning for our pupils in a bilingual, sustainable environment set amongst the natural surroundings of northern Thailand. We share a vision for our students which is based on our core values of academic excellence, values-based education and green school approach. Our values-based education uses Buddhist principles to support our community as they work towards The Panyaden Profile.

We believe our teachers are our greatest asset. Therefore, our highest priority is the recruitment of effective, well-qualified and compassionate staff. We are looking to recruit teachers who can constantly contribute towards improving the educational programmes we provide in line with our school vision, mission and philosophy.

Panyaden is a unique school offering staff an unparalleled opportunity to develop themselves, both as educators and also as people. Therefore, we offer a package which includes both professional and personal development opportunities. Working at Panyaden is a life-changing experience and we are currently recruiting for open-minded educators to join our expanding team.

Realising Potential: The Panyaden Profile

A Panyaden community member is a well-balanced, thoughtful individual with strong learning skills. They are determined to keep learning in order to bring happiness and success to themselves, their peers and society. The Panyaden graduate has used the 12 Wise Habits to build a strong foundation for life, academically and emotionally, and is committed to perfecting them throughout life.

Are you ready to make the leap away from the norm towards a new vision for education?

At Panyaden we aim to cultivate a way of life, not just an academic education. Success in life, whether in academic study, career or family life, is derived not only from a sharp intellect but also from the ability to communicate skillfully, overcome difficulties, manage one’s moods and makes choices based on wisdom, compassion and understanding. Our efforts as teachers must be focused equally on helping children develop inner values as well as responsibility towards the world around them. Our team is dedicated to a conscious approach to supporting behaviours based on developing intrinsic motivation and self-awareness. To this end, we have created an atmosphere, an environment and a curriculum that are in harmony with the Buddhist path to wisdom and happiness.

Our expanding school currently offers education from 2 to 14 years, with students up to 16 years joining us for the 2020-21 academic year, followed by 16 - 18-year-old pupils in 2021. Panyaden students experience a holistic education combining an international standard curriculum (UK, IPC, IMYC and IB) with life skills and meditation, ‘My Project’ and social contribution projects set in our natural bamboo and earth campus. Imagine a school where children pick fruit from trees at break time and plant the rice that later fills their plate. If you are ready to work together towards a new vision for education we look forward to receiving your application.

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Homeroom Teacher (Year 3)

Job Summary

Homeroom Teacher is responsible for providing an educational atmosphere where students have the opportunity and the desire to fulfil their potential for intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological growth. This person is responsible for organizing and implementing an instructional programme that will result in students achieving academic success in accordance with the Panyaden curricula. Planning and delivery of the programme will be shared with a co-homeroom teacher.

Duties and Responsibilities

School-Wide Level
- Embraces and puts in action the school vision and philosophy of education.
- Maintains effective and efficient administrative records required.
- Collaborates with peers to enhance the instructional environment.
- Models professional and ethical standards when dealing with students, parents, peers, and community.
- Models spiritual maturity in leading students in their spiritual growth in accordance with the 12 Panyaden Wise Habits.
- Participates in extracurricular activities such as social activities, sporting activities, school representation, clubs and student organizations.
- Supervises students in out-of-classroom activities during the school day.
- Establishes and maintains cooperative working relationships with students, parents, fellow teachers and other school personnel.
- Participates in training and presentations offered after school or on weekends.
- Meets professional obligations through efficient work habits such as: meeting deadlines, honouring schedules, coordinating.
- Actively participates in meetings as required.
- Shows flexibility with job assignment and time requirements.
- Actively works on improving communication skills in both languages used at PYD.
- Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by his supervisor.

Classroom level
- Creates an effective environment for learning through functional and attractive displays, bulletin boards, and interest centres.
- Implements instructional activities that contribute to a climate where students are actively engaged in meaningful learning experiences.
- Uses a variety of instruction strategies, such as inquiry, group discussion, lecture, discovery, etc.
- Manages the classroom in accordance with the PYD guidelines and establishes and maintains standards of student behaviour needed to achieve a functional learning atmosphere in the classroom.
- Identifies, selects, and modifies instructional resources to meet the needs of the students with varying backgrounds, learning styles, and special needs.
- Submits a year plan and a weekly lesson plan that fulfil the PYD curricula.
- Keep up to date with developments in the subject area, teaching resources and methods and make relevant suggestions to PYD and changes to instructional plans and activities.
- Evaluates students’ academic and social growth, keeps appropriate records, and prepares progress reports.
- Maintains current student achievement records and reports to parents and administrators when required.
- Administers group standardized tests in accordance with the state testing programme. All work responsibilities are subject to having performance goals and/or targets established as part of the annual performance planning process or as the result of organizational planning.
Starting: 1 Aug 2021
Apply By: 31 Jul 2021
Closes In: 36 days