PUE Central Office

PUE Central Office

Pre University Education (PUE) is the QF division which oversees QF Schools and various supporting functions. PUE has established several initiatives that support educators in Qatar to have the best possible impact on the students under their care. Staff who support multiple schools are often employed centrally by the PUE Office. Two prominent portfolios within PUE are The Learning Centre and The Educational Development Institute.

The Learning Center (TLC) is the centralized student support services team for Qatar Foundation Schools. Our team, comprised of special educators and school-based specialists, focuses on the following areas to ensure the academic growth and success of all learners:

• Inclusive Education:
Collaborate with all schools to develop a whole school inclusive educational approach that includes a tiered system of supports for ECE through grade 12, with all services embedded into the school setting. The tiered system focuses on promotion of age-appropriate development, prevention of academic concerns for at risk students, and intervention for students with developmental and learning challenges.
• Capacity Building:
Build capacity in staff through providing professional learning opportunities and consultation to support the development and sustainability of inclusion.
• Direct Service:
Provide small group direct service to focus on prevention; and provide individual or small group direct service as intervention.
• Parent Education and Support:
Provide education, consultation, and support to parents related to their child’s developmental and learning needs.

Meanwhile, the Education Development Institute strives to be a centre of excellence in professional learning by supporting the growth and development of K-12 educators in Qatar and beyond. EDI’s mission is to lead professional learning and development, support curriculum improvement and build leadership capacity to improve student outcomes in pre-K-12 education.

To achieve this mission, we are committed to building partnerships with highly recognized institutions, recognizing and amplifying pockets of excellence within schools in Qatar and designing and facilitating high quality professional learning events that respond to the needs of educators within their own context.

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School Psychologist

Qatar Foundation Schools, The Learning Center, located in Doha, Qatar, is a multidisciplinary team that serves Qatar Foundation Schools, preschool to grade 12, utilizing a multi-tiered system of supports framework to address academic and social/emotional/behavioral needs.

• Highly trained in both psychology and education.
• A Minimum of Master’s degree in school/educational psychology.
• Three to five years’ experience preferred.
• Current and continuing certification/licensed as a School/Educational Psychologist.
• Knowledge and experience related to tiered systems for academics, social-emotional, and behavior.
• Knowledge and experience in administering, scoring, and interpreting standardized psychoeducational assessments (e.g. WNV, WISC, WJ, WIAT, BASC, etc.).
• Knowledge and experience in completing Functional Behavior Assessments and developing and implementing Behavior Intervention Plans.
• Knowledge and experience with a school-based approach to individual and group counseling.
• Current knowledge of the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of children and adolescents, and basic understanding of the fundamental methods, techniques, and procedures involved in a school environment.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills, including psychoeducational report writing.
• Bilingual in English and Arabic preferred.

Starting: 1 Aug 2021
Apply By: 1 Mar 2021
Closes In: 35 days

EDI Lead Trainer

A Lead Trainer is responsible for designing and facilitating Professional Learning experiences, constituting a range of learning designs, for educators in Qatar Foundation schools, the Ministry of Education and educators across Qatar and beyond. A Lead Trainer builds capacity by collaboratively working with educators to:
• Design and facilitate research-based Professional Learning experiences
• Use data to develop, evaluate and reflect on the impact of PL experiences.
At EDI, the mission of the lead trainer, as a member of the Academic Team, is to support the achievement of the strategic goals through EDI’s strategic initiatives. To do so, EDI staff need to demonstrate high levels of relevance, efficiency and dedication. See the full generic Lead Trainer job description attached. Please note: EDI is looking for candidates with specific areas of expertise depending on schools' current professional learning needs. EDI is seeking candidates who have formal certified training experience and coaching experience, and may have written articles around research or pedagogy. Only applicants fulfilling the minimum requirements will be considered. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted. Annual Salary: between 64,000 USD and 74,000 USD (depending on years of experience) plus benefits.
Starting: 8 Aug 2021
Apply By: 7 Feb 2021
Closes In: 13 days

Student Services Coordinator

The Student Services Coordinator will --

● Take a leadership role in the management of a caseload of Special Education students and the implementation of their educational plans in inclusive, self-contained, and pull-out settings
● Ensure appropriate delivery of special education instruction and related services as stipulated in students’ Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs), Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs).
● Communicate with parents and guardians regarding Special Education services, including processes for referrals, evaluations, annual IEPs, and re-evaluations
● Facilitate IEP meetings using a strengths-based, family-centered approach
● Ensure that Student Support Teams complete all documents, including IEP progress reports, in a timely manner, and provide IEP progress reports to parents/guardians
● Maintain student files according to standards
● Ensure services provided by outside providers are of a high quality and aligned with a given student’s IEP
● Ensure that Student Support Teams, including parents are well prepared and informed prior to meetings, in order to achieve the goals of meetings
● Provide training and technical assistance on all aspects of case management to professional stakeholders, including computer system use, goal setting, progress report writing, annual review preparation, and parent communications
● Ensure that IEPs are developmentally appropriate, curriculum and standards-based, strength-based, and relevant to individual students
● Maintain school and district tracking and data that includes student information related to IEPs, services provided, service hours, evaluations, referrals, timelines in which evaluations were competed, and documentation of disciplinary incidents
● Support the planning and implementation of Special Education initiatives, and integrate new practices based on research findings
● Oversee the inventory of Special Education equipment and materials
● Identify and develop appropriate curriculum and school-based assessments to support the academic growth of students with IEPs
● Gather data to meet reporting requirements for students with IEPs
● Maintain a high level of knowledge regarding developing Special Education issues
● Advocate for Special Education with school leadership
● Establish and maintain lines of communication with parents of students who have IEPs
● Facilitate parent workshops & meetings, and identify resources for parents of students with special needs; encourage parents and families to participate in students’ learning
● Communicate with outside service providers, including, as appropriate, pediatricians, and therapists, to support students’ learning
● Maintain confidentiality of student records and student information
● Other reasonable tasks as assigned by supervisor
Starting: 1 Aug 2021
Apply By: 1 Feb 2021
Closes In: 7 days