Korea International School, Jeju Campus

Jan 2019
Bangkok 2019
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Korea International School, Jeju Campus

Korea International School, Jeju Campus (KISJ) is South Korea's first international boarding school. The school is an affiliate of YBM, a pioneering publishing and English-language education services company. Founded in 2010 and first opened in 2011 as part of the Jeju Global Education City, the school's first senior class of 52 students matriculated in May 2016. The Elementary and Middle School facilities are owned by the Jeju Ministry of Education. The High School facilities were built in 2014 and funded by YBM and YBMJIS.

Provide a challenging American curriculum
Promote responsibility to our community and world
Prepare students for learning in university and life

Our well-rounded graduates will lead responsibly
and build positive change around the world.

KISJ is committed to promoting the welfare of children and young adults and expects all faculty, staff, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment towards child protection and safeguarding.

School Details

  • Year founded 2010
  • Public or private Public
  • Profit or not for profit Profit
  • Governing body YBM
  • Campus size (hectares) 8.00
  • Day or boarding Day
  • Segregation type
  • Religious affiliation None
  • Accreditation Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
  • Accreditation Jeju Provincial Government

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Education Information

  • Curriculum Advanced Placement
  • Curriculum Common Core
  • Curriculum Other
  • Instructional language English
  • Alternate instruction language
  • Start grade PreK
  • End grade 12

Tuition Fees

  • Lower fee amount (USD) 10000.0
  • Upper fee amount (USD) 20000.0

Teacher Information

  • Teacher numbers 120
  • Local teacher % 15
  • Expatriate teacher % 85
  • Number of nationalities 0

Student Information

  • Total student numbers 1100
  • Nursery infant students 0
  • K or Pre-K students 0
  • Elementary students 400
  • Middle school students 300
  • Senior school students 400
  • Grade school students 0
  • Local student % 95
  • Expatriate student % 5
  • Nationalities represented 0

Teaching Information

  • Teaching days/year 195
  • Contracts begin July
  • We require teaching certification or licenses. Yes
  • We offer 1 year contracts. No
  • We hire intern teachers. No
  • We assist with pet relocation. No

Job Types and Salaries

  • Position type Teacher
  • Lower salary range (USD) 40000.00
  • Upper salary range (USD) 53000.00

Visa Requirements

  • Visa requirement Minimum qualification level
  • Description Must possess a valid teaching certificate from an English Speaking Country
  • Visa requirement Other
  • Description Must be able to pass a criminal background check

School Benefits

  • Benefit type Number of contract days
  • Description Academic Calendar: The academic year for returning employees will not exceed 195 working days. Employees must attend orientation and training prior to the first day of school as scheduled by the employer. Working Hours: Minimum employee work hours for a normal school day are from 08:00–16:00. However, on days when the employee is assigned to dorm duties and/or co-curricular activities, the working hours will be revised as instructed by the Academic Head or direct supervisor. Pastoral Care: Employee is required to participate in tutoring, clubs, activities or sports at least 1 season out of 3. Employee is also required to participate in a dorm activity 1 time per month or attend 4 KISJ events per semester.
  • Benefit type Starting salary range
  • Description All Current Teaching/Admin Contracts can be viewed at the following URL https://drive.google.com/open?id=1p9CRyZR5uPKSGPLbttbtx6_fuCtz7haT
  • Benefit type Taxes
  • Description The school pays income tax that is approximately 23% per annum.
  • Benefit type Savings potential
  • Description A teaching couple can save one salary, depending on their lifestyle. A single teacher with no dependents could save 30% of their salary, depending on their lifestyle. A single teacher with dependents could save 10% of their salary, depending on their lifestyle.
  • Benefit type Accommodation
  • Description Most KIS Jeju faculty live in 1, 2 or 3-bedroom apartments in a 4-building complex nearby the school. Additionally, there are a limited number of apartments ranging from 1–3 bedrooms in our Middle School dorms, family and 1-bedroom apartments on the High School campus. Dorm apartments: Utility costs covered by the school. All meals on campus for faculty and dependents. Non-dorm apartments: Faculty is responsible for monthly maintenance and utility costs. Lunch for faculty and student dependents on campus. 1 Bedroom Apartment - Single 2 Bedroom Apartment – Couples / Couples with 1child 3 Bedroom Apartment - Teaching Couple with 2 or more children
  • Benefit type Retirement
  • Description Employer will provide annual severance payment equivalent to 8.3% of the annual salary, collectable at the end of the final year of employment. Severance payment will go into a third-party investment account each year in accordance with South Korean law. The payment will be deposited into the account in KRW according to the exchange rate at the time. Prior to departing South Korea at the end of the final year of employment, the employee must fill out an application to transfer the accrued severance pay into a designated account. The payment will be transferred approximately 2 weeks after the final day of employment. The severance is only paid out for continuous employment of more than 365 days in accordance with South Korean law. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exceptions withstanding as cited below, employer will match mandatory employee monthly contributions (Approximately 4.5%) to the Korean National Pension Plan. According to South Korean law, all pension contributions are submitted directly to and held by the Korean government. Upon conclusion of employee’s time in the Republic of Korea (ROK), employee may apply directly to the Korean government to receive the entire pension amount. Employer will offer reasonable assistance to facilitate the application process. Employee may not draw upon pension funds while still residing in Korea. Age requirements exist to qualify for pension: employees aged 60 or older do not qualify for the Korean National Pension. Additionally, not all countries have a pension agreement with ROK; employee will receive pension refunds from ROK based on the agreement of social security between employee’s country of origin. As these countries are subject to change, use this link http://english.nps.or.kr. for up-to-date information. Employer’s obligations with regard to pension issues during term of this contract are subject to current and possibly
  • Benefit type Bonus
  • Description Contract completion bonus: A completion bonus of USD $3,000 is paid upon completion of the 3-year initial contract. Employees on contracts less than 3 years will not be eligible for the bonus.
  • Benefit type Flights/Transport
  • Description Employer will provide employee, legal spouse and up to 2 legal dependents, economy-class air tickets for passage from prior agreed point of departure to Jeju. New employees must arrive prior to the first day of new staff orientation as reflected in the school academic calendar. A flight stipend is provided between contractual years for employee, legal spouse and up to two dependents. Legal dependents that are sole Korean passport holders are ineligible {Zone 1: China and Japan: $500} {Zone 2: East Asia and India: $800} {Zone 3: North America, Europe, Australia and Africa: $1500} {Zone 4: South America: $1800}
  • Benefit type Utilities
  • Description Employees in Non-Dorm housing will receive a professional stipend of USD $1,500 per year to off-set the cost of utilities. The stipend will be paid out in 2 installments of USD $750 in November and May.
  • Benefit type Moving allowance
  • Description Relocation / Shipping Allowance (International Hires Only) Shipping Allowance Relocation Allowance <<Single Teacher / Teacher with non-teaching spouse $500 KRW 1,200,000>> <<Teaching Couple / Teacher with non-teaching spouse and children $800 KRW 2,000,000>> <<Teaching Couple w/ children $1,000 KRW 2,300,000>>
  • Benefit type Dependent opportunities
  • Description Tuition is free for up to two children per full-time academic faculty. Parents must cover fees associated with uniforms and extracurricular activities. Employer will provide employee with up to KRW 500,000 each month (except during summer vacation) to assist in defraying the cost of childcare for up to 2 legal dependents (aged 3–36 months). Both parents must be on E-7 visas and employed with KISJ under full-time contracts to receive the payment. Employer will not provide payment for employee with spouse who does not hold KISJ sponsored E-7 visas. The employee will choose a local nursery and the school will make payments to the nursery directly. Employer will not provide cash for private childcare. The employee will be responsible for any amount over KRW 500,000.
  • Benefit type Medical
  • Description Medical Insurance: Employer will provide employee’s medical insurance plus dental and vision under the TIECare international medical plan, including accompanying legal dependents under the age of 18. The employee will pay an addition of approximately $250.00 per month for legal dependents over the age of 17. Premiums for spouse or dependents over the age of 17 will not be provided by KIS Jeju. Medical - Full Coverage. $250 deductible per person per year. $750 deductible for family Dental - $1,000/yr $25 deductible per year. Vision -$150 max. for eye exam/yr $100 max. for corrective lenses/yr (Dependent children under age 18 living with employee are covered)
  • Benefit type Other
  • Description Island Stipend of USD $1,500 will be provided by the employer each year. The stipend will be paid in 2 installments of $750 in November and May. In the event the contact is terminated or the employee resigns, the stipend will be forfeited.

Orchestra Teacher(ES/MS)

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Korea International School, Jeju Campus
Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea
  • Starting: 27 Jul 2019
  • Apply By: 15 May 2019
  • Closes In:
KISJ is looking for a well-rounded ES/MS educator who is driven by excellence and dedicated to preparing students for graduation. An educator who is passionate, creative, and able to inspire students ...