International School of Stavanger

International School of Stavanger

The International School of Stavanger (ISS) has existed in Stavanger since 1966 and at last count was the largest independent school in Norway. We are an English speaking, non-profit international school, educating students from Pre-school through Grade 12. We currently have 527 students from over 40 countries; this includes 19% Americans; 17% British; and 16% Norwegians, our three largest groups. We also have 117 staff from over 20 countries, and seventy-six of the staff are teachers. We teach an international and transportable curricula (International Baccalaureate and IGCSE) for transient international families who are primarily associated with oil companies or NATO, as well as a smaller percentage of local or localized families who wish for an international education in an international school environment. ISS is located on a beautiful grounds by the local fjord where the most famous Viking battle in Norway occurred. ISS offers a full program for students that includes strong academics, as well as many clubs and activities. Our sports teams play against the NECIS family of schools in Europe and our students and staff regularly travel to European destinations. Norway is safe, clean, and beautiful country in which to work.

School Details

  • Year founded 1966
  • Public or private Private
  • Profit or not for profit Not for Profit
  • Governing body ISS Board of Trustees
  • Campus size (hectares) 7.00
  • Day or boarding Day
  • Segregation type Co-educational
  • Religious affiliation None
  • Accreditation Cambridge International Examination (IGCSE/A-Level)
  • Accreditation Council of International Schools (CIS)
  • Accreditation New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
  • Accreditation IB DP

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Education Information

  • Curriculum IB DP
  • Curriculum UK-IGCSE
  • Instructional language English
  • Alternate instruction language
  • Start grade PreK
  • End grade 12

Tuition Fees

  • Lower fee amount (USD) 0.0
  • Upper fee amount (USD) 0.0

Teacher Information

  • Teacher numbers 76
  • Local teacher % 10
  • Expatriate teacher % 90
  • Number of nationalities 21

Student Information

  • Total student numbers 537
  • Nursery infant students 0
  • K or Pre-K students 65
  • Elementary students 202
  • Middle school students 105
  • Senior school students 155
  • Grade school students 449
  • Local student % 16
  • Expatriate student % 84
  • Nationalities represented 43

Teaching Information

  • Teaching days/year
  • Contracts begin Not Set
  • We require teaching certification or licenses. Not Set
  • We offer 1 year contracts. Not Set
  • We hire intern teachers. Not Set
  • We assist with pet relocation. Not Set

Job Types and Salaries

Visa Requirements

School Benefits

  • Benefit type Number of contract days
  • Description 180 teaching days and 8 in-service/induction days
  • Benefit type Starting salary range
  • Description salary and foreign service premium combined from 390,000 NOK to 659,000 NOK
  • Benefit type Taxes
  • Description first 4 years teachers pay 8.2% on gross salary in Norwegian tax
  • Benefit type Savings potential
  • Description Norwegian pension provides 18.1% of gross salary plus private pension of 7% of salary Savings is certainly possible but depends on lifestyle choices.
  • Benefit type Accommodation
  • Description foreign service premium allowance is a part of salary that typically covers accomodation
  • Benefit type Flights/Transport
  • Description inbound to Norway then home leave flights paid annually after the second year
  • Benefit type Utilities
  • Description none
  • Benefit type Furniture
  • Description none
  • Benefit type Moving allowance
  • Description yes
  • Benefit type Dependent opportunities
  • Description included for first 4 years
  • Benefit type Medical
  • Description Norwegian national health program plus worldwide Cigna private medical insurance including USA and pre-existing conditions.
  • Benefit type Dental
  • Description children of school age are covered by the national health care system
  • Benefit type Disability
  • Description private disability insurance including pension coverage
  • Benefit type Other
  • Description Professional development and study grant options are available annually with principal approval.