International School of Stavanger

International School of Stavanger

background checks are conducted on all successful applicants

School Details

  • Year founded
  • Public or private Private
  • Profit or not for profit Not for Profit
  • Governing body
  • Campus size (hectares)
  • Day or boarding Day
  • Segregation type Co-educational
  • Religious affiliation None
  • Accreditation Council of International Schools (CIS)
  • Accreditation New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
  • Accreditation IB DP

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Education Information

  • Curriculum IB DP
  • Curriculum UK-IGCSE
  • Instructional language
  • Alternate instruction language
  • Start grade
  • End grade

Tuition Fees

  • Lower fee amount (USD)
  • Upper fee amount (USD)

Teacher Information

  • Teacher numbers
  • Local teacher %
  • Expatriate teacher %
  • Number of nationalities

Student Information

  • Total student numbers
  • Nursery infant students
  • K or Pre-K students
  • Elementary students
  • Middle school students
  • Senior school students
  • Grade school students
  • Local student %
  • Expatriate student %
  • Nationalities represented

Teaching Information

  • Teaching days/year
  • Contracts begin Not Set
  • We require teaching certification or licenses. Not Set
  • We offer 1 year contracts. Not Set
  • We hire intern teachers. Not Set
  • We assist with pet relocation. Not Set

Job Types and Salaries

Visa Requirements

School Benefits

  • Benefit type Number of contract days
  • Description 180 teaching days and 6 in-service/induction days
  • Benefit type Starting salary range
  • Description salary and foreign service premium combined from 390,000 NOK to 572,000 NOK
  • Benefit type Taxes
  • Description first 4 1/2 years teachers pay 8.2% on gross salary in Norwegian tax
  • Benefit type Savings potential
  • Description Norwegian pension provides 18.1% of gross salary plus private pension of 7% of salary Savings is certainly possible but depends on lifestyle choices.
  • Benefit type Accommodation
  • Description foreign service premium allowance is a part of salary that typically covers accomodation
  • Benefit type Flights/Transport
  • Description inbound to Norway then home leave flights paid annually after the second year
  • Benefit type Utilities
  • Description none
  • Benefit type Furniture
  • Description none
  • Benefit type Moving allowance
  • Description yes
  • Benefit type Dependent opportunities
  • Description included for first 4 1/2 years
  • Benefit type Medical
  • Description Norwegian national health program plus worldwide Cigna private medical insurance including USA and pre-existing conditions.
  • Benefit type Dental
  • Description children of school age are covered by the national health care system
  • Benefit type Disability
  • Description private disability insurance including pension coverage
  • Benefit type Other
  • Description Professional development and study grant options are available annually with principal approval.