International School of Beijing

International School of Beijing

Given the Coronavirus pandemic and the current border and visa restrictions, our preference is to find candidates who are currently working/living in Mainland China.

ISB is an extraordinary school, with a history of excellence spanning for 40 years. Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values are fulfilled by passionate, highly qualified educators who all want the best for every student, PreK through grade 12.

ISB is dedicated to implementing and sustaining programs proven to be most effective for student learning and well-being. As a progressive school, we respond to the changing needs of students in higher education and the world which awaits them. A defining characteristic is our commitment to great teaching influenced by the latest research, and the flexibility to choose learning standards from different educational systems around the world.

Of utmost importance is the school’s strong sense of community and vibrant, culturally diverse campus, where learning is engaging for our over 1,500 students representing more than 40 countries. Research-based programs, high-quality teaching, and outstanding and ever-improving facilities mean students at ISB are being prepared for success in a world that keeps changing at a breathtaking pace.

Communication and collaboration are skills instilled in our students throughout their education, with a significant proportion of their learning taking place outside the classroom, through engagement with the wider community. Students are engaged in a variety of learning opportunities, enabling them to discover innate abilities, learn teamwork, exercise initiative and, ultimately, find a productive place within the ISB community and wider world.

ISB enjoys a proven track record of excellent learning outcomes, with students attending colleges around the world which are most appropriate for them. Our commitment to realizing students’ potential is built around nurturing the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of each child. ISB programs equip students to be productive, healthy, and fulfilled young adults, whatever future they choose.

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Job Types and Salaries

Visa Requirements
Maximum Age
Years Experience
At least 2 years full-time teaching experience
Minimum Qualification Level
Minimum of a Bachelor's degree is required , with current teaching certification/licensure
School Benefits
Number of Contract Days
Savings Potential
From 32000 USD per year for a Single Hire to 60000 USD per year for Teaching Couples (both full-time teachers) with 2 children
Generous housing allowance provided in the form of a Flexible Benefit Account which can be applied towards other expatriate tax-exempt expenses, such as restaurant meals
10% Retirement supplement is paid with the monthly salary (included in salary quoted above)
Incoming & Outgoing flights provided
Annual Home Leave transportation allowance is uploaded to the teacher's Flexible Benefit Account
Moving Allowance
Relocation and house set-up allowance given in cash on arrival;
Local moving allowance available once every three full-time contract years
Dependent Opportunities
Tuition waiver offered to eligible dependents qualifying for ISB enrollment: up to 2 dependents per Single-hire, up to 3 dependents per Teaching Couple
Worldwide coverage with co-pay and deductible
Worldwide coverage with co-pay and deductible
All full-time teachers and administrators are covered for Life, AD&D and LTD insurance
Professional Learning Funds of RMB 8,000 per year

UES Chinese-English Dual Language (DL) Teacher (2022- 2023 School Year))

• To plan, organize and implement a developmentally appropriate instructional program in a dual language (Chinese/English) learning environment that guides and encourages students to develop and fulfill their individual potential
• To maintain a caring, challenging and joyful learning environment for all students
• To implement research-based, dual language classroom practices that promote social-emotional growth and academic achievement based on the learning needs of each student
• To model and promote the ISB mission, vision and school values, in accordance with the school code of professional conduct and ethics
• To promote the ISB Dual Language Program (DLP) philosophy and values

• Provide relevant, authentic learning opportunities that are aligned to school adopted standards and the published school curriculum
• Monitor progress of the DLP student cohort and analyze data to inform teaching
• Grade and report progress of the DLP student cohort to reflect authentic learning and encourage success
• Communicate necessary information regularly and effectively to students, colleagues and parents regarding student progress and student needs
• Keep up to date with developments and research in subject areas, pedagogy, teaching resources and dual language education
• Adapt instructional plans and activities based on analysis of student data and research
• Supervise students to ensure their safety and well-being
• Perform other duties as assigned that ensure a caring and safe learning environment and the delivery of the curriculum

• A shared understanding of key curriculum, instructional resources and assessment practices that promote bilingualism, biliteracy, high academic achievement and social-cultural awareness
• Standards-based units of study and assessments using backward design and the principles of dual language education
• Instructional plans and scaffolds that support the social-emotional and academic growth and development of individual students
• Positive relationships with parents to support the personal growth, progress and success of individual students

• Collaborative planning meetings with Chinese dual language teaching partner
• Grade level team meetings
• Dual language vertical team meetings
• Faculty meetings
• ES curriculum, school development and professional learning meetings as needed

Collaborates with:
• Chinese dual language teaching partner, grade level team members and team facilitator
• Teaching assistant
• ES Content Area Specialists and Student Support Services specialists (EAL specialist, Learning Support specialist, Speech Language Pathologist, Counselor)
• ES Instructional Coach
• ES Curriculum Support Team (STEAM facilitator, librarian, Curriculum Area Leader, Dual Language Program Leader)
• ES Principal and Assistant Principals

Engages in:
• Professional learning to support their own learning and the initiatives of the school
• Positive relationships to continue the development, implementation and assessment of the ISB curriculum and school-level teaching and learning priorities
• Parent meetings to share and reflect upon student growth and progress
• Extracurricular activities by offering and supervising at least one after school activity during the school year


• A Bachelors degree or higher in Education, Bilingual Education, or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
• Five (5) years of successful, full-time classroom teaching experience
• Strong written, verbal and digital communication skills
• Demonstrated excellence in organizational, planning, communication and interpersonal skills
• Demonstrated excellence in teaching English language acquisition and literacy development
• Strong understanding and respect for a diversity of cultures and needs of language learners
• Strong understanding and experience with standards-based grading and assessment, balanced literacy, workshop model, differentiated instructional strategies, sheltered instruction, and use of data to inform instruction
• Strong ICT skills and use of educational technology in classroom practices
• Valid teaching certificate

Starting: 1 Jul 2022
Apply By: 30 Sep 2021
Closes In: 97 days

Elementary School Principal (School Year 2022)

JOB GOAL / PURPOSE: The Elementary School Principal serves in all matters as the educational leader of the Elementary School. The Principal ensures that all programs and practices of faculty and staff support the school’s mission and vision and that is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all students irrespective of race, ability, religion, gender or culture. on a day-to-day basis, are provided with an excellent educational program.


The Elementary School Principal will be responsible for the following areas under the specific direction of the Head of School.

• Provide principled, effective educational leadership to the Elementary School division.
• Develop collaboration and support of the major stakeholders of the school in the major decisions affecting the Elementary School division
• Ensure that all teachers and support staff have a clear understanding of their performance expectations.
• Establish a willingness to be a mentor to all faculty as well as encouraging their professional growth and career advancement.
• Role model traits that enable others to recognize the principal as an ethical leader of leaders.
• Communicate effectively with students, faculty, parents, colleagues, and in the community.
• Seek the involvement of faculty and parents in a wide variety of school activities and programs.
• Develop the leadership capabilities of teachers so that instructional leadership becomes a shared responsibility.
• Support curriculum development and assessment that drives strong student outcomes for all learners.
• Use data to improve student learning.
• Lead the analysis of information that helps determine whether curriculum and instructional goals and student performance outcomes are being met.
• Create an efficient, productive and caring atmosphere where all students and faculty have an opportunity to be recognized for their best efforts.
• Ensure that all of the school's resources are identified and being used to serve students and faculty members alike; help both reach their full performance potential.
• Assume responsibility for sound financial management including accurate program budget planning and fiscal accountability.
• Demonstrate the willingness to seek constant professional learning and professional growth as a committed life-long learner.
• Be an active participant and supporter of the after-school student activity programs and parent events.
• Establish annual goals and work plans that are consistent with the school's Strategic Plan and mission.
• Serve as a contributing member to the school's senior management team.
• Perform such other duties and responsibilities as delegated by the Head of School.


- Possess appropriate degrees (minimum Master’s level or equivalent) plus current certification in the area of Elementary School Administration.
- Demonstrated success in a multi-cultural environment, with overseas experience highly desirable
- Strong strategic and general planning skills.
- Demonstrated knowledge of the curriculum development process including student and program assessment.
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
- Strong commitment to, and proven record of, fostering community involvement and support.
- Experience using data to drive student outcomes.
- Expertise in reading and mathematics curriculum selection.
- Excellent organizational and managerial skills including the ability to motivate and lead a diverse team.
- Ability to both delegate and effectively monitor overall operations.
- Ability to successfully lead the faculty evaluation and professional growth process.

Starting: 1 Jul 2022
Apply By: 31 Aug 2021
Closes In: 67 days

Director of Learning (2022 School Year )

The Director of Learning is responsible for EY-12 implementation of the International School of Beijing’s (ISB) curriculum, overseas professional development to improve teaching and learning practices, and drives successful student outcomes in line with the school’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.
The Director of Learning works collaboratively with the divisional administration, the divisional Curriculum & Professional Learning Coordinators, and the Technology Office. Reporting to the Head of School, s/he has oversight of the Office of Learning, and a team of professionals to ensure a consistent vision in all aspects of learning and teaching. The Director of Learning ensures that all programs and practices of faculty and staff support the school’s mission and vision and that is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all students irrespective of race, ability, religion, gender or culture. on a day-to-day basis, are provided with an excellent educational program.

Curriculum & Professional Learning

• Lead effective implementation and continuous evaluation and improvement of ISB’s curriculum
• Oversee and the Director of Curriculum & Professional Learning to facilitate and ensure consistent school wide implementation of the curriculum
• Through the Curriculum & Professional Learning Coordinators, assist and support teachers to implement curriculum effectively and consistently
• Work with the Experiential Learning Coordinator, and other Office of Learning staff to support all-school initiatives and special projects
• Communicate requirements and progress of the curriculum development process to the ISB faculty and administration
• Ensure the provision of school-wide, curriculum-focused staff development that provides for superior performance in delivery of ISB’s curriculum
• Work with the divisional administration and Director of Student Support Services to oversee the standardized testing and assessment data management and analysis of the entire school
• Lead and coordinate the implementation of a shared vision for the comprehensive, effective and innovative infusion of technology in learning and teaching
• Plan with, advise, assist and support teachers and administrators in infusing technology to provide meaningful relevant and engaging learning experiences for all students, aligned with the ISB curriculum framework, Understanding by Design (UbD), differentiated instruction, and ISB’s Assessment Principles via coaching, mentoring, modeling and co-teaching
• Collaborate with Ed Tech Facilitators, teachers, Principals and the ICT Office to collect, record and report data on the use of ICT throughout the schools instructional programs and operations
• Develop and coordinate ongoing professional development programs to support the integration of ICT and infusion of technology into learning and teaching practices, in collaboration with divisional administrators, the Office of Learning, and the ICT Office.
• Contribute to ISB publications, web site and other forms of internal and external communications
• Gather and report data on curriculum implementation
• Support curriculum development and assessment that drives strong student outcomes for all learners.
• Use data to improve student learning.
• Perform any other associated duties as assigned


• Preferably a Master's Degree in Education and/or Administration with a strong technology component
• Demonstrated leadership qualities, preferably in a high-performing school or district
• High level of experience and current knowledge of curriculum design and implementation
• Thorough knowledge of, and experience with, standards-based curriculum, benchmark assessment, and data analysis for school improvement
• Experience with Curriculum Mapping, Understanding by Design framework for curriculum development, best practices of curriculum implementation, and Differentiated Instruction
• Experience and current knowledge of staff development programs and implementation
• Experience in leading groups and implementing curricular initiatives within a Professional Learning Community
• Strong ICT skills, with evidence of technology infusion in classroom practices
• Experience managing a large budget which focuses technology expenditure on student learning
• Outstanding vision for effective and appropriate use of technology to enhance student learning in schools
• Superior facilitation and organizational ability, with demonstrated ability to lead teacher groups
• Past record of utilizing data to improve student outcomes
• Experience with using education research to improve teaching and learning strategies
• The capacity to organize and deliver effective training and presentations to diverse audiences
• Resourceful and can-do attitude
• Good sense of humor and love of working with people

Starting: 1 Jul 2022
Apply By: 31 Aug 2021
Closes In: 67 days

MS Science Teacher (2021 School Year))


ISB educators exhibit a constant working understanding of the school’s vision, mission, and core values in a balanced academic environment. Working collaboratively, we engage in active, inquiry- based, and reflective teaching. Our educators foster positive relationships and promote a school culture of equity, excellence, and relevance.


1. Increase relevant learning through authentic, compelling local and global engagements
2. Optimize each student’s capacity to learn through individualized experiences and opportunities
3. Nurture the whole child including social-emotional, academic, and physical well-being
4. Invigorate ISB’s practice based on best research on teaching and learning methods and the changing realities of the 21st Century
5. Increase access to expertise and new learning opportunities through additional collaborative efforts and networks beyond ISB


1. Minimum of a Bachelor's degree
2. Current, relevant teaching certification/licensure
3. Minimum of five years of successful full-time teaching experience
4. Full proficiency in the English language
5. Dedication to the Vision, Mission and Core Values of ISB
Starting: 1 Aug 2021
Apply By: 31 Jul 2021
Closes In: 36 days

ES EAL Teacher (2021- 2022 School Year)


The EAL teacher teaches English language learners using current and research-based practices. This position is highly collaborative, requiring co-planning, co-teaching, co-assessing, and co-reporting with classroom teachers in order to ensure English learners learn the grade level content in English. The EAL teacher is also a leader of adult learning, increasing classroom teacher capacity in SIOP/C6 Biliteracy Instructional Framework implementation.


• Collaborate with classroom teachers to co-plan, co-teach, co-assess, co-report and ensure SIOP/C6 implementation for English learners
• Effectively teach and support English learners using a variety of service delivery options (i.e. small group, individual instruction, co-teaching, consultations, etc.)
• Use an asset-based approach (i.e. WIDA Can Do Statements) when teaching English learners and collaborating with classroom teachers
• Progress monitor and report on students’ language progress in the areas of Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening in accordance with WIDA and ISB’s assessment and reporting practices
• Collaborate with classroom teachers in the development of differentiated / scaffolded unit and lesson planning, as well as plan effective instruction and assessment for EAL classes
• Effectively use technology to enhance student learning and access to the curriculum
• Lead adult learning for parents and teachers by providing professional learning opportunities in the area of English language development
• Recognize and celebrate the value of students’ home language and culture with the aim of promoting agency, social emotional well-being, and language development
• Keep up-to-date on developments in the field of English learning through professional reading and development opportunities
• Assist in the Admissions process by reading files, assessing language proficiency, and making program/support recommendations
• Participate in parent/teacher/student conferences to the same extent, and more where needed, as classroom teachers
• Respect confidentiality of all information about students and their families
• Participate in co-curricular activities and/or school section committees
• Perform any other duties as assigned

• Bachelor’s degree in relevant teaching area required; Master’s degree and/or specialization in teaching English language learners preferred
• Current teaching credentials and minimum three years successful English as an Additional Language (EAL) teaching experience
• Experience teaching in an international school setting preferred
• A demonstrated working knowledge of current EAL instruction and assessment practices, SIOP/C6 Biliteracy Instructional Framework training preferred
• Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills in English, both written and oral
• Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
• Proven and sustained growth mindset and asset-based approach to teaching and learning
• Dedication to the Vision, Mission and Core Values of ISB
Starting: 1 Aug 2021
Apply By: 31 Jul 2021
Closes In: 36 days