International School Bangkok

International School Bangkok

International School Bangkok (ISB) is one of the top international schools in Bangkok and Asia. ISB runs an accredited and challenging international curriculum driven by leading educational research and global best practice, incorporated into North American (U.S.) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma frameworks. ISB prepares students to become leaders in meeting the ever-changing needs of the world and equips them with the knowledge and skills to become caring, global citizens. We care about each individual child and support the diverse needs of our students through our inclusive approach, our mother tongue language programs, our challenge and enrichment programs, and our wide range of subject and program offerings and opportunities.
As part of our commitment to child safeguarding, ISB conducts background checks on all successful candidates. Search-Associates candidates need only apply through Search.

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Middle School Ed. Tech Coach / Teacher (one year)

The Position

This position is for the current 2020-21 school year only and, given the situation with entry to Thailand, qualified candidates currently in Thailand are preferred.

Coaching is a non evaluative, learning relationship between a coach and a teacher. The goal is learning together, thereby improving instructional pedagogy and student learning as a result. The ISB coaching model is based on a “Student-Centered Model” where the priorities are set around what students need, identified by analyzing a body of student learning evidence while supporting teacher related learning.

ISB is working to develop a true culture of innovation that brings together mindsets, design thinking, computational thinking, and the creation of meaningful solutions to solve real problems. We also know that the use of technology can transform learning, and develop our learner attributes. This coaching role would focus on building teacher capacity to bring even more opportunities for innovation, technology, and deep thinking throughout the curriculum. This coach understands the ever changing demands of complex information literacy and technology skills that students need to succeed.

The Middle School Technology Coach / Teacher will be expected to undertake the following responsibilities in collaboration with the Middle School Principal.

The MS Technology Coach / Teacher collaborates with MS faculty and administration in the development of technology and information literacy skills for students. The Ed Tech Coordinator embraces and understands the changing landscape of research methodologies, electronic references, information literacy processes and technology skills for 21st Century learners. The MS Ed Tech Coordinator / Teacher supports innovation and technology use in the middle school and teaches 2 class sections of either Coding (S1) or Video Production (S2).

In addition to working with the MS Administration and Faculty, the MS Technology Coach / Teacher collaborates closely with the MS Librarian, ES and HS Tech Coordinators, and the I.T. Director.
Starting: 11 Sep 2020
Apply By: 1 Oct 2020
Closes In: 8 days

MS Health / Wellness Teacher (80%)

MS Health/Wellness Teacher Job Description--One year position, preference given to candidates in Thailand.

Personal Qualifications and Attributes
Teaching license or certification for middle school years.
Subject expertise in the primary area of employment.
At least 3 years of teaching experience.
Teaching experience in a similar type of international school and this age group (11-14 years old) is an advantage.
Commitment to the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) of students.
Positive interpersonal skills and the ability to develop positive relationships with people of diverse backgrounds.
Demonstrated skill at differentiating within the classroom for students of mixed abilities.
Experience with Mindfulness an advantage.
Experience with Standard-Based Grading
Experience designing units with UBD - ‘Understanding by Design’ is an advantage
Model of ISB Professional Standards of Integrity, Responsibility, Respect, Care, Collaboration, and Commitment
Demonstrated Growth Mindset and passion for lifelong learning
Invested in pedagogical best practice and alignment with current educational research
Open mindedness and warmth within a philosophy of care
Collaborative and collegial
Appropriate sense of humor
Satisfactory background checks, particularly in areas of child safeguarding.

Core Responsibilities
Instruct MS-aged children aligned with the practices, standards, benchmarks, and learning outcomes of the ISB curriculum, along with its Vision, Mission, Learner Attributes, and Definition of Learning.
Partner with counselors, administration, and other staff to ensure care and support for the social, emotional and learning success of middle school children.
Assess student learning and provide timely, quality feedback to improve student learning.
Accommodate for learning needs based on student’s Individualized Learning Plans.
Teach multiple sections of semester-long health and wellness course for grade 8 students.
Serve as an advisor/mentor in our school advisory program.
Present to parents on health topics covered with students.
Collaborate with the grade PE/Health team, administration, and curriculum office to ensure a well-articulated, research-based health and wellness program.
Participate in student share, support, and referral processes to ensure students’ needs are understood and met.
Engage in professional development to ensure research-supported practices in the instruction and care of children are used at ISB.
Communicate directly and collaboratively with parents and families where need demonstrates an impact on student learning and well-being.
Positively contribute to school culture through support and sponsorship of a student club or non-stipended extracurricular activity.
Other duties as appropriately assigned by the MS Principal.

Salary and Benefits will be competitive with other large international schools in Asia.
Starting: 1 Sep 2020
Apply By: 30 Sep 2020
Closes In: 7 days