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George Washington Academy

George Washington Academy is a Nursery - 12, nonprofit, independent American school located in Casablanca, Morocco, serving approximately 900 students from over 30 different countries. In order to serve the unique needs of the international ex-pat community and the Moroccan community, GWA enhances the American curriculum model with our emphasis on multilingualism. Through our English, French, and Arabic language acquisition program and incorporation of SIOP standards into all subject areas, GWA graduates continue their education at colleges and universities all over the world. GWA is the only American International School in Morocco offering the IB Diploma, AP Classes, and an American Diploma recognized by the Kingdom of Morocco. Our five-hectare, purpose-built facility is located on the southern edge of Casablanca’s city limits heading toward Dar Bouazza. The campus, situated a little over one kilometer from the Atlantic Ocean, features beautiful views of the ocean and stunning sunsets over the water.

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Not for Profit
Advanced Placement (AP)
Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSACS)

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George Washington Academy
Bd Abdelhadi Boutaleb (ex km 5,6 Route d' Azemmour)
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Job Types and Salaries

Visa Requirements
Maximum Age
60 years
Minimum Qualification Level
Bachelors Degree and Teaching Certificate
School Benefits
Paid for by the school
Savings Potential
$5000 - Single Teacher
$8000 - Teaching Couple(with 2 kids)
$3000 - Single teacher with one dependant
$200 optional housing stipend
$290 optional stipend
Up to $1200.00 for flight and baggage per employee
Moving Allowance
$400 settling in stipend
Dependent Opportunities
Full tuition is covered for staff members; school fees need to be paid by staff
Worldwide coverage - all countries included
Cell phone plan provided(phone not included)

Upper School Assistant Principal

Upper School Assistant Principal


In conjunction with the Upper School Principal, the Upper School Assistant Principal assumes responsibility and accountability for planning, developing, communicating, and implementing programs, activities, and initiatives designed to achieve Upper School and GWA goals and priorities.

The Upper School Assistant Principal assists with the daily operation of the school, specifically in the areas of attendance, behavioral, and disciplinary prevention and intervention services with an emphasis on Restorative Justice, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and the school advisory program.

The Upper School Assistant Principal will oversee all aspects of student academic success, including academic advising; assisting in the development and building of a master schedule and student schedules; monitoring student academic progress; enrolling new students; ensuring that all transcripts and records are properly handled and maintained; and coordinating and administering all testing. The Upper School Assistant Principal will oversee the college counseling process, working in conjunction with the IBDP Coordinator and Counselors along with students and families on the course and college selection process from beginning to end.

The Upper School Assistant Principal will be a visible, reliable, approachable resource for parents to encourage and maintain genuine relationships between the home and school promoting positive parenting throughout the school by providing training opportunities for parents/guardians on strategies to promote student success. The Upper School Assistant Principal will develop and execute programs and initiatives to enhance services and strengthen relationships between school and home.

Minimum Qualifications

Masters Degree in Education in either Leadership or Counseling
Leadership Credentials
Experience teaching Secondary Students
Experience with Pastoral Care

Preferred Candidates

The ideal candidate will have a background in teaching Grades 6-12, leadership at the secondary school level, experience with personal and college counseling programs, social and emotional learning, advisory programs, parent outreach, using Understanding by Design as a curricular model and Atlas Rubicon as a mapping tool. In addition, the preferred candidate will be familiar with software such as ManageBac and/or PowerSchool and will be experienced in the IBDP and IBMYP. Ideal candidates will have a proven track record of dealing with challenging students, working with parents to create the conditions for student success, and setting a tone of high academic standards for all.

Starting: 1 Aug 2021
Apply By: 30 Jun 2021
Closes In: 78 days

IB/AP Physics, Pre Calc,

Thank you for your interest in George Washington Academy.

Our Vision: "GWA inspires students to become multilingual, lifelong learners who pursue excellence, model integrity, and honor cultural diversity. We educate the whole person by equipping minds and building character, empowering students to serve Morocco and the global community with wisdom and compassion." GWA seeks educators who model these same qualities.

We expect GWA teachers to share our Core Values and exhibit them inside and outside of the classroom:
-Character: We believe in modeling habits of integrity, honor, and respect and encouraging service as a means to improve our world.
-Excellence: We strive as a learning community to achieve high standards through hard work and critical thinking.
-Language: We believe that multilingual graduates are prepared best to study and work in a global environment.
-American Approach: We provide a quality education using a rigorous American core curriculum including instruction in the arts, athletics, and technology, preparing well-rounded students for success in the global community.
-Innovation: We believe that the ability to learn new things is a fundamental skill for the 21st Century allowing us to embrace change, move forward, and develop graduates who innovate.

Qualifications: GWA hires fully-licensed and qualified teachers. The GWA Vision Statement and our
Core Values are the guiding principles for the characteristics sought in teaching candidates. GWA prefers to hire teachers with a minimum of 3 years of experience and who have a degree in the subject matter taught.

With a cool coastal climate year-round, proximity to African and European Wonders of the World, and an enviable amount of American and national vacation time, it is easy to achieve a work-life balance at GWA. Many of our teachers and staff come to Casablanca for the sun and surf, mountain-climbing, and other travel opportunities. No matter what attracts each individual to come to Casablanca, everyone can agree that the easy pace of life, incredible Moroccan cuisine, and friendly community are great reasons to stay. We seek teachers who enjoy discovery both inside and outside of the classroom.
Starting: 1 Aug 2021
Apply By: 14 Jun 2021
Closes In: 62 days