Awsaj Academy

Awsaj Academy

Established in 1996, Awsaj Academy, formerly known as The Learning Center, is a specialist school serving students with learning challenges in grades K-12.
Awsaj Academy is a non-profit organization accredited by two internationally renowned accrediting agencies: the Council of International Schools (CIS), (, and the Middle States Association (MSA), (, both of which are recognized by the Supreme Education Council (SEC).
In line with international standards, Awsaj Academy maintains strong child protection policies & procedures and our school strives to provide a safe & secure environment for all students

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School Board
Not Set
Council of International Schools (CIS)
Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSACS)

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Campus Address
Awsaj Academy
PO Box 6639
Ar Rayyan
Education City

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Teacher Information

Student Information
Teaching Information

Job Types and Salaries

Visa Requirements
Maximum Age
Years Experience
Two or more years of teaching experience
Minimum Qualification Level
Elementary Teacher: Bachelors Degree in Education / Teaching
Secondary Teacher: Bachelors Degree in Subject Speciality -
All Teachers: A teaching certification from an accredited agency
Highest qualification must be attested by a notary from the country of issue and by the Qatari Embassy
A marriage certificate and a clear criminal record check that is attested by a notary from the country of issue and by the Qatari Embassy.
A clear medical history for HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and Tuberculosis
School Benefits
Number of Contract Days

180 student contact days + additional days for orientation and professional learning
Starting Salary Range
Salaries for teachers ranged between $42,500 US for a teacher with B.Ed and two years experience to $50,000 for a teacher with B.Ed and 10+ years experience
Tax Free
Savings Potential

Dependent on lifestyle and extent of travel, however, there are potential savings; e.g.
- Single teacher = up to $25,000
- Couple (Both teaching) with 2 children = up to $40,000
Fully furnished apartment provided
End of Service Benefits: One month's basic salary for each completed year of service based upon final monthly basic salary.
Economy class tickets in connection with annual leave to the nearest international airport in your home country, and one way Economy class ticket at the start and end of the contract.
Transport Allowance paid with the monthly salary.
Utilities paid (electric, water, gas)
Moving Allowance
Contribution to pre-employment expenses incurred by the candidate such as medical examination, police clearance, authentication of documents etc
Shipping allowance (400kg for families, 200kg for single staff)
Dependent Opportunities
The Foundation will provide Education assistance for four eligible dependent children between the age levels prescribed for Pre 3 up to and including Grade 12 as per Pre University Education policy.
Coverage – 13 academic years for children who have not reached their 18th birthday; OR completed high school (whichever is later).
Eligibility – children who are living with their family in Qatar and of 3-18 years of age or in senior year of high school studying a formally recognized curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education
Full medical and dental coverage
85% covered
Life Insurance

PE Teacher, Gr 6-12

For the 2020- 2021 School Year

Qatar Foundation continues to grow and we are looking for outstanding educators to join our team. The Foundation focusses on education, science and research, and community development, and we need the best people to help us achieve our ambitious goals. If you smile when you think about children; when you’re talking to parents; when you’re discussing new ideas in education; when you’re removing barriers to learning, you may be the person we’re looking for.

The Foundation’s work in the field of education has brought prestigious, international universities to Qatar to help develop an education sector in which young people can acquire the attitudes and skills needed to build a knowledge economy. Its main science and research agenda is to build Qatar's innovation and technology capacity by developing and commercializing solutions through key sciences. Its community development programs aim to help foster a progressive society, while also enhancing the cultural landscape, protecting Qatar's heritage and addressing immediate social needs in the community.

School Description

Awsaj Academy is a specialist school for, currently 484 children, who have diverse learning needs and challenges from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The majority of our students have mild to moderate learning needs, and a number of students who have a clearly defined medical diagnosis and may present more complex learning challenges. Awsaj Academy is the only school of its kind in Qatar and is a recognized leader in the region for students with disabilities.

The Academy provides high quality academic, social, emotional and research based programs and provides a curriculum that is responsive to students needs and abilities. Through multi-tiered systems of support, we can ensure that our students receive the necessary behavioral, therapeutic, and academic interventions to enable our students to succeed in their aspirations for further study, higher education, employment and community life.

The Academy is accredited by international bodies and offers the High School diploma to support students’ graduation aspirations. We are currently undertaking a feasibility study for the possible introduction of the IBCP program as a pathway for some Grade 11 & 12 students.

English is the language of instruction in all disciplines and subjects except Arabic, Islamic Studies and Qatar History, which are taught in Arabic. Over 98% of Awsaj students are Qatari and are English Language Learners. Students are taught in mixed gender classes.

In keeping with all QF schools, Awsaj has exceptional teaching and learning facilities and is located in the center of the inspirational and innovative Education City.

As a specialist school, Awsaj students present a wide range of learning challenges requiring a dynamic, flexible and responsive learning environment. In addition to grade level classrooms with teacher student ratio of 1:10, we have a number of specialist resources bases (SCC, Bridge & EBD) in our Secondary School structure supported by teachers, IA’s and interventionists. We also offer the Prime program for Grade 11 & 12 students requiring rapid credit and a bespoke and personalized self-study approach.

The holistic approach to meeting individual needs is supported and enhanced by a strong multi-disciplinary team of therapists, psychologists and Special Education Co-coordinator provided by The Learning Centre (TLC). The school also employs a team of Education Counsellors, School Nurse and Behavior Specialists. We have a strong and highly specialist Arabic & Islamic team who work with students across the spectrum of learning needs. .

At the heart of Awsaj is the concept of family and that every child matters and belongs. We aim to never give up on a student and are responsive to, and respectful of, the challenges our students may experience at different stages of their school journey.

Location Description

Doha is the capital of Qatar – a sovereign Arab state – located in Western Asia and occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeasterly coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Its sole land border is with Saudi Arabia to the south, with the rest of its territory surrounded by the Arabian Gulf. The Al Thani family has ruled Qatar since the mid-19th century. Formerly a British protectorate noted mainly for pearling, it became independent in 1971, and has become one of the region's wealthiest states due to its enormous oil and natural gas revenues.

The school is located within Qatar Foundation (QF), which was founded in 1995 by decree of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Emir of Qatar. The current Emir is his son, His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. Qatar Foundation is chaired by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser. Its aim is to "support Qatar on its journey from a carbon economy to a knowledge economy by unlocking human potential".

Qatar Foundation carries out this mission through three "pillars": education, science and research, and community development. QF’s work in the education field has brought a number of world-renowned international universities to Qatar to help develop an education sector in which young people can
develop the attitudes and skills required for a knowledge economy. Its main science and research agenda is to build Qatar's innovation and technology capacity by developing and commercializing solutions through key sciences. Its community development programs aim to help foster a progressive society, while also enhancing the cultural landscape, protecting Qatar's heritage and addressing immediate social needs in the community.

Mission Statement:

To advance the achievement of students with learning challenges in Qatar.


Unlocking the learning potential of each student

School Motto:

Persist | Contribute | Grow

Our Values:

BE RESPECTFUL – I respect people, property and environment
BE RESPONSIBLE -I am accountable for my own actions, and try to resolve differences in constructive ways.
BE SAFE - I act safely and show care for others
BE YOUR BEST – I am open to new learning and take responsibility to do my best.


• To encourage, motivate and advance the achievement of students with learning challenges, demonstrating that all our students can progress in their development and learning;
• We aim to empower our students with a sense of confidence, capability, competence, and self-esteem to meet life’s challenges.
• To develop in all young people characteristics that will build resilience and skills for life.
• To encourage our students to be curious about the world they live in;
• To provide our students with opportunities to explore concepts, engage in problem solving, while extending their knowledge and skills,
• To provide high quality academic, research based, teaching and learning in both Arabic and English
• To create an emotionally supportive learning environment where students feel safe, valued and a sense of belonging;
• To support Awsaj students to acquire knowledge, skills and confidence needed to fulfill their aspirations for adult life;
• To develop within students the respect of Qatari heritage, Culture and Islamic principles
• To offer a curriculum that will challenge, enthuse and inspire the young person to begin to make progress where they have previously been unable to thrive. We will ensure teaching is stimulating and relevant and will utilize opportunities outside of the classroom, and first-hand experience, to extend the young person’s experience.
• To provide students with the knowledge that promotes intercultural understanding and respect, and the skills to become proud and successful global citizens
Starting: 1 Aug 2020
Apply By: 31 Jul 2020
Closes In: 20 days