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Australian International School Hong Kong

A warm community and premier learning environment, Australian International School Hong Kong (AISHK) is a non-profit, co-educational day school for students from Reception (age four) to Year 12. Founded in 1995, AISHK currently welcomes more than 1,100 students from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Operating on an Australian school year (late January to mid-December), AISHK is the only school in Hong Kong to utilise the Australian curriculum. AISHK provides broad yet tailored educational pathways by offering senior secondary students the option to undertake either the New South Wales Higher School Certificate (NSW HSC) or the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP). This creates a seamless transition for our students to all universities and tertiary institutions in Australia and around the world.

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Australian International School Foundation Limited

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School Benefits
Number of Contract Days
The initial contract period for this position will be for the period 19 July 2021 to 31 December 2022. Thereafter an employment contract may be renewed by agreement for successive periods of two years.
Starting Salary Range
Based on qualifications and experience, our annual compensation for teachers ranges from HK$531,310 to HK$921,055.
A gratuity sum equivalent to 21% of the gross salary is paid at the end of each fixed-term contract, ranging from HK$111,575 to HK$193,421 per annum.
Teachers taking on positions of leadership are eligible for an additional monetary allowance and/or allocated time release, depending on the responsibilities being undertaken.
Hong Kong income tax is not deducted at source and is payable once a year. The standard rate of tax is approximately 15%. Allowances for single parents, married couples and the number of dependent children reduce taxable salary.
Savings Potential
School and staff members are required to make a monthly contribution to a scheme registered under the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance for the term of the contract at the statutory contribution rate (i.e. 5% of the Employee’s monthly relevant income or $1,500, whichever is the less) if they are not members of a retirement scheme outside of Hong Kong. Staff may choose to contribute voluntarily funds in addition to the mandatory contributions.
Accommodation is not provided but in accordance with the “Conditions of Service for Teachers” the School reserves the right to restructure salary awards in order to minimise the liability of staff to pay tax. Where staff are renting accommodation, part of their salary can be treated as a rent reimbursement. Where you are able to satisfactorily substantiate that you are renting accommodation and have paid for the accommodation, then the amount of rent paid will be treated as a rent reimbursement. For a copy of the AISHK Rental Reimbursement Policy, please contact the Director of Human Resources.
Whilst flights are not offered as a part of your contract package, staff relocating from outside of Hong Kong are able to claim airfare from their home country to Hong Kong from their moving allowance.
Moving Allowance
The benefits identified below are available to staff who are relocating from outside of Hong Kong:
- Staff can receive an advance on their salary up to a maximum amount of HK$80,000 if requested. The loan is repayable in 10 equal installments, due on the last day of each calendar month. Repayment commences in the month following commencement of employment. For relocating couples, both of whom are AISHK employees, only one loan is available. In the event that the employment by the Foundation terminates for any reason, the loan shall be immediately repayable in full.
- Reimbursement is offered for relocation costs up to HK$25,000 (single person), HK$30,000 (couple), HK$40,000 (family). You will need to make your own shipping arrangements.
This reimbursement may be used to cover airfare from your home country to Hong Kong, shipment of unaccompanied baggage and costs for purchasing household items for setting up residence in Hong Kong.
Dependent Opportunities
Full-time teachers are encouraged to send their children to AISHK for schooling. Tuition fees will be discounted according to the following schedule: 65% for the first child, 75% for the second and subsequent children. Costs of excursions, texts and materials will remain payable. The debenture fees will be waived. This benefit is limited to teachers who do not receive educational allowances from other sources.
Staff may choose to participate in the medical scheme provided by the school. The Medical Insurance Scheme has two plans for primary care (outpatient service) and secondary care (In-patient hospital and surgical benefit) cover. Plan 2 is the basic plan which the school presently covers all costs for staff. Plan 1 is an enhanced plan that provides additional hospital and surgical cover and the staff member is required to pay the difference in plan costs between the two plans. Spouses and children are able to be included in the medical/dental schemes at their own cost.
A dental health package is also available as an optional scheme at the cost of the staff member.
Staff must hold a valid employment visa to be able to work in Hong Kong or be a holder of a dependent spouse visa. The spouse and children may remain in Hong Kong on a dependent visa, which is applied for alongside the employees’ employment visa. Please note that a dependent visa can only be obtained upon presentation of a marriage certificate for your spouse and birth certificates for your children. An application for employment will be processed on your behalf through the Human Resources Office following the acceptance of your contract offer. Assistance with the applications for dependent visas for spouses and dependent children will also be provided. Visas issued are activated on entry to Hong Kong. You will be required to hold a passport that has at least two years validity at the time of your entry into Hong Kong. A list of the documentation required to be submitted will be provided to you at the time of the contract acceptance. The cost of visas will be covered by the school.


The Head of Library and Information Services is a P-12 role and reports to the Head of Primary and Head of Secondary and works collaboratively with the School Executive Team. This is a people focused role requiring a leader to manage learning resources while keeping the Library users’ needs in mind. The Head of Library and Information Services directly influences the quality of teaching and learning throughout the School and manages the library and provides leadership and expertise in optimising student learning through the provision of outstanding access to educational resources and library services for the whole school community.

Essential Criteria:
• Qualified practising teacher with high-level qualifications.
• Well developed leadership, people management and supervisory skills gained from a similar leadership or senior role within a school environment.
• Highly developed ICT skills and an ability to use technology as an integral part of teaching and learning.
• Understanding of, and expertise in, delivery of an outcomes-based curriculum.
• Effective communication skills with a wide range of groups and individuals, including colleagues, parents, students & members of the wider community.
• Knowledge and understanding of the ACARA curriculum for Years P-6 and NSW for Years 7-12 and IB Diploma for Years 7-12
• Fostering the inclusion of the ACARA general capabilities across the curriculum, in particular critical & creative thinking.
• Ability to work effectively as a member of small and large teams.
• Strong organisational and interpersonal skills.
• An excellent understanding of the role of a library and information services in a relevant, contemporary education for students.
Starting: 19 Jul 2021
Apply By: 26 Mar 2021
Closes In: 19 days