Academia Cotopaxi American International School

Academia Cotopaxi American International School

We are an English language-based international learning community that values diversity, embraces a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence, and inspires empathetic and ethical student leaders.

Academia Cotopaxi’s mission drives our school – it is the compass that guides us ever forward to the future. Like Ecuador’s history, we are a school in motion, blending familiar traditions with new ideas, adapting to a fast-paced, changing world.

At Academia Cotopaxi we care about people. People give life and purpose to our organization: they teach, interact, lead our projects, develop, learn, grow and support every aspect of our community. Every member of our staff supports our mission and we aim for a high level of professionalism, ethics, and respect in all that we do.

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Not for Profit
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New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

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De las Higuerillas y Alondras
Campus Address
De las Higuerillas y Alondras
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(593-2) 382-3270

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Visa Requirements
Visa is sponsored by Academia Cotopaxi. Background checks, apostilled and translated are required. Diploma apostilled and translated is required. Marriage certificate and birth certificate of dependents apostilled and translated are required . All those documents should be provided by applicant.
School Benefits
Number of Contract Days
Length of contract.
Two (2) Years/Three years. Subsequent contracts are based on the renewal options of 1, 2 or 3 years. normally yearly.
A local contract is required as well to comply with Ecuadorian Law. Start date: August 1st. End date: July 31st.
International contract teachers can remain on the international contract up to a maximum of seven (7) consecutive years, after that the new contract will become a Local one.
According approved calendar by the Ministry of Education. Normally up to 200 faculty work days. 215 days for principals
The Educator is responsible for paying any and all Ecuadorian taxes.
Income tax is based on the salary and additional payments you can receive during the year such as stipends or bonuses.
Taxes are based on a progressive table that indicates the amount and percentage on the income that AC needs to retain and pay to the IRS on behalf of the Educator. The average retention could be from 0% to 15%. Average in AC International Educators is 8%
Subject to taxes: Salary, Housing, Matching Retirement, Health Insurance Deductible reimbursement and Bonuses paid through payroll.
Not subject to taxes: Travel allowance, Shipping, Settling in allowance, Supermaxi coupon, cafeteria subsidy and transportation provided by AC.
To deduct from taxes, the employee needs to keep all invoices related to food, education, health and housing. Invoices need to be on the name of the employee.
Couples are required to declare individually.
During the first year and last year of contract, most probable the taxes will be minimal as the income period is not full year. To take advantage of effective tax calculations a declaration of expected expenses will be required at the beginning of the contract and every start of the calendar year (in January)
A tax support person is provided by AC to help the foreign hires to keep your tax file and calculation up to date.
Housing allowance is defined based on market prices and family size. Annual $8,000 will be paid in 12 installments for each full-time Educator and an additional annual $600 per qualified dependent, up to a maximum of two dependents. The benefit due to dependents will be distributed equally to both parents. There is no double payment.
Rental contract is signed directly by the Educator and landlord and AC will provide support to find the apartment/house through the Buddy Program and external real estate agents.
It is normal practice in Ecuador that contracts are for 2 years, but ideally this could be 1. To secure the apartment you will be required to sign a contract and pay a 2 months of rent guarantee deposit and additional 1 monthly rent in advance (total of 3 months of rent at the beginning of the contract)
Guarantee should be reimbursed by landlord after deducting painting and minor maintenance expenses. It is strongly recommended to have an inventory when you receive the apartment and/or appliances, and do the same at the end of the contract to certify the apartment is returned in same condition to avoid any deduction from the guarantee.
Breaking the contract not only can result in a penalty (normally 1 month rent) but also impact the reputation of Academia Cotopaxi; therefore, we recommend to work closely with buddies and agents to secure a place for at least one year.
Normally, utilities service bills should be paid directly by you, then, you will need to set up a payment online through your local account. That will help when you are on break, so you can prevent service cuts during your absences.
You are welcome to share apartments with other colleagues with no impact to housing benefit.
First Year - AC will match up to 5% of your base salary according to your contribution to a qualified retirement plan or savings account designated for retirement. The account should be different than the one used for payroll purposes.
Second Year: 8.33% for “reserve fund” as established by law. AC will pay 8.33% of your base salary through payroll. The Educator may further contribute to the retirement plan or not; this will not limit the benefit
An annual bonus of USD200 is deposited to your cafeteria account to cover cafeteria products (lunch/snack). Once the USD 200 are consumed, you would need to pay in Collections for the additional consumption.
Our cafeteria offers a variety of menus which are published online for your review
Interest-free vehicle loan of up to $5000 during the first year of contract for international hires. Loans are deducted from payroll over a period not to exceed 24 months or the number of months left on the employee’s contract, whichever is less.
To apply, the Educator will require 2 guarantors that can be colleagues. If married, guarantors will be required to sign as couple.
Process will take 5 days after collecting the Educator and Guarantor signature in the promissory note.
Will require the Educator having a Driver’s Licence which must be apostilled at the issue country prior to arriving in Ecuador.
Credits are approved on the basis of the first in-first out and in accordance with AC’s cash-flow planning.
Moving Allowance
This is to facilitate your transition to Ecuador and the first expenses you will have arriving to Quito. A lump sum will be paid the first week the new hire arrives in cash: $2,000 for a Single, $2,500 if 2 people, $3,000 if 3 people or more.
Dependent Opportunities
Tuition - Education for dependents
AC 100% Tuition scholarship provided to a maximum of two children in school age. Children must meet admissions requirements. Benefit applies only for education at the School. Uniforms, Meals, Extracurricular activities & IB tests are not included.
100% IMAGINE nursery discount provided to a dependents from 12 months old up to 5 years. At age 3, a child's parents may choose to transfer him/her from IMAGINE to AC. The IMAGINE benefit will be replaced by the AC Tuition Scholarship. Extended Program, Enrichment and Transportation are not included.
AC tuition & IMAGINE applies to a maximum of total of 2 children. A different policy applies for a third child.
A local Health Insurance Policy with International coverage is provided to the Educator and eligible spouse and accompanying dependents less than 25 years old (unmarried, financially dependent and full-time student). Premium is paid by Academia Cotopaxi and an annual deductible of USD 500 per person applies up to USD 1000 per family.
Academia Cotopaxi will reimburse half of the deductible applied for the Insurance Company every year up to USD 250 for a single, USD 500 per couple and USD 750 per family per year.
Maximum age to enroll is 65 years old.
Policy works through reimbursement 100% if inside the network. 80% if network is not used. Expenses outside Ecuador are recognized at the international cost if network is used otherwise is only 50%. Programmed hospitalization can be approved with a direct credit from the Hospital/Clinic/Doctor with the Insurance Provider.
The international network is United Health Care.
Inhouse support is provided in a weekly basis through a health insurance representative every Wednesday at 12h30
There are no vacancies at this time