3e International School

3e International School

Background checks are conducted for all successful applicants.
Original copies of degree certificates and teaching certificates are required for visa processing.
Full health check required for visa processing.

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9-1 Jiang Tai Xi Lu
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Chaoyang District
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Job Types and Salaries

Visa Requirements
School Benefits
Number of Contract Days
180-182 teaching days each year.
Approximately 2 weeks of professional development prior to school opening each academic year and 1-2 days during the school year.
4-5 Saturday family events each academic year from 10 am - 12 noon
Student Led conferences (1 Saturday half day)
Starting Salary Range
Annual salary after tax ranges from CNY 209,000 (BA and step 0) - CNY 305,000 (MA and step 8) depending on experience and qualifications.
Chinese taxes are covered by the school. Salaries are listed after tax. Any tax responsibilities outside of China are the responsibility of the teacher.
Savings Potential
Single teachers with 4 years of experience save an average of $1000 per month while still maintaining a lifestyle of eating out several times a week and traveling during all school holidays.
Internationally hired teachers or relocating teachers are provided with housing close to school (about a 10 minute walk). Rent is covered by the school. A housing stipend is provided for teachers who chose to find housing independently.
International or relocating (city to city) teachers receive a RMB13,000 flight stipend in two installments, 50% at the beginning of the academic year and 50% at the close of the academic year. All teachers receive this stipend regardless of their choice to travel.
Utility costs for teacher housing are the responsibility of the teacher tenant. A single teacher, living alone, can plan to spend about $35-$55 per month on heating, air conditioning, water, gas, internet, and cell phone service.
Apartments are provided with basic furnishings including a bed, sofa, table, chairs, and basic kitchen supplies.
Moving Allowance
All relocating international staff receive a one-time relocation stipend of RMB10,000 paid upon arrival in Beijing.
Dependent Opportunities
Tuition benefits apply to 1 child if attending 3e and enrolling in PreK-Elementary. Nursery is not eligible for tuition benefits. Lunch, bus, and after school activities are not included. Child must meet admissions requirements.
Full medical insurance provided with the school's group medical insurance policy. Direct billing at Beijing United Family Hospital (walking distance from school and apartments) and other international hospitals.
Dental included in insurance from 3rd contract year.
6 introductory Chinese classes are provided for all new teachers. Lunch is provided daily.